Who says your daily commute can't be fun?

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You are keen on skateboarding but be weary of all the pushing with your feet? There’s a new electric skateboard from Koowheel China.

Maybe can change the way to move. The following photo takes by htfubeck. Thanks for sharing it.

The Koowheel electric longboard skateboard was created with the simple thought that everyone should be able to enjoy the convenience that technology bring. We don’t think that the electric skateboard is just a toy for a few geeks. In the future, it will be a daily transportation. It's an energy-saving vehicle. Really a good choice for short term commuting, going to class, the supermarket and for getting around and going shopping? What could be more wonderful than being able to travel freely around the city? It's easier to ride than a regular skateboard. Using the remote control all you have to do is stand up on the board and enjoy the ride.

Koowheel is the fastest, most affordable electric skateboard with an easily replaceable battery pack. Its maximum speed is 40km/h. It has dual in-wheel hub motors, Bluetooth wireless remote control and 7 layers of durable Canadian maple for flexibility. If you have never gone fast, you would love the drop through longboard due to its stability. The speed is controlled from the hand-held remote. So, this is a perfect board. Meanwhile, the battery gives you a range of 15 miles, more than enough to get across town and back. Carry a second battery pack and you increase your range. The replacement battery pack slips in easily and you're ready to go again in 15 seconds.

For more informaiton,please copy http://www.koowheel.com to your blowser.

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