Using Facial Aesthetics to Keep People Guessing

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Facial aesthetics in Camden from Ace Dental are helping people smooth out the appearance of the passage of time on their faces.

[CAMDEN, 08/09/2017] Ace Dental is a dental practice that likes to treat the whole face, so that the smile is at home in a beautiful, youthful framework. Ace Dental offers facial aesthetics treatments so that patients can take advantage of modern advances in treating wrinkles, lines, and hollows around the face and neck to create a younger look without resorting to surgical procedures.


Facial aesthetics at Ace Dental comes in 2 forms, both tried, tested, and trusted, but without the permanence of surgery.


Facial Aesthetics: Botox


Botox is a facial aesthetics treatment at Ace Dental that uses a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin. When this is injected at Ace Dental into fine lines and wrinkles, it works on the muscles that control the wrinkles. Over the next 7 days after facial aesthetics treatment at Ace Dental, the Botox will paralyse the muscle, relaxing it, and smoothing out the wrinkle. Ace Dental has found that this form of facial aesthetics works particularly well on frown lines, crow’s feet, worry lines, and smokers’ lines around the top lip. The effects last for about 4 months and Ace Dental recommends a top-up treatment every 3 months or so.


Facial Aesthetics: Dermal Fillers


This facial aesthetics treatment at Ace Dental works by plumping out lines and hollows, by injecting under the skin with natural filling agents, such as hyaluronic acid made from non-animal sources. The body produces its own hyaluronic acid and it’s used to retain moisture in skin cells, giving them a plump and dewy look. The decrease in natural production is why the skin loses its glow as people age. Ace Dental recommends using this facial aesthetics treatment on lines around the mouth, lips and neck, as well as on the hands. Treatments last from 6–12 months and can be topped up regularly.


Both facial aesthetics treatments are a great way to set off a new smile created with braces or other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact Ace Dental to find out more about facial aesthetics.

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