The Advantages of Aircraft Engine Data Management System

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This provides the pilots with a highly accurate picture.

Aircraft Engine Data Management SystemThis would be like wanting to know the advantages of Science or modern technology because frankly, without the aircraft engine data management systems in place, the pilots would have to sit staring at the dozens of analog dials and gauges in front of them. They would have to keep checking each and every one of them and occasionally pray that the dials are displaying the correct information.

The aircraft engine data management system consists of two parts – a display unit placed upfront in the cockpit and, several sensors strategically placed through out the aircraft engine and body (depending on kind of data being monitored).

To get a handle on the advantages of an aircraft engine data management system, let's do an example – let check what would happen with and without (say) a digital fuel gauge which is part of the aircraft engine data management system (EDMS).

Old Style Analog Fuel Gauge
Needle keeps bouncing and shaking – at best it provides a rough indicator of how much fuel is left in the tanks.

The only way you know how much fuel was used per hour of your current flight, was to look at the clock, figure time lapsed since flight began, deduct the current fuel balance from the fuel quantity at start of the flight and divide this figure by the hours lapsed. What you arrive at is at best, a guess-estimate.

If you are flying in a storm there is absolutely no accurate way to figure out your current fuel consumption. At best you can assume it will cost you a certain percentage more – anything from 25% to 50% increase in fuel consumption.

Knowing your current position especially when flying in the storm and using old analog gauges would be even more trickier. But you have to somehow figure out your current position and work out time to your destination. Once you have that estimate and having calculated your fuel consumption, you can at best guess whether you have enough fuel left to reach your destination.

Modern Fuel Gauge – part of the EDMS
Pilot fuels up the aircraft and punches in the quantity of fuel in the tanks.

From here on, the modern Aircraft Flight Instruments begins to monitor fuel consumption and provides a digital readout of the quantum of fuel used. The pilot can select between Gallons/Litters or Pounds.

Based on quantum of fuel currently in the tanks and quantum of fuel being consumed, the modern fuel gauge can provide information as to how much longer the aircraft can keep flying. This information is provided in real-time. So even if the aircraft is (say) flying in a storm and consuming additional fuel, the actual fuel being consumed is factored into all computation. This provides the pilots with a highly accurate picture.

If a GPS unit is connected to the EDMS, the on board computer in the EDMS will even calculate the quantum of fuel required to reach the next waypoint or destination and can even provide information on whether there will be any fuel to spare after arriving at the destination.

From the above example, we see that without a modern Slimline Instruments, the pilots would have to carry a notebook, pen, calculator, a stop watch and probably; a pocketful of prayers which is probably how the phrase “flying by the seat of your pants” originated. For technical information on aircraft EDMS please visit:

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