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In a city with an often-difficult public transport system, the best option to get around is renting a car. In Metro Manila, delivers this option to tourists and other people in transit.

[METRO MANILA, 05/11/2018] - With Metro Manila’s complex and often challenging public transport system, it’s often best to take advantage of’s car rental service, rather than spend a considerable amount of time in PUV terminals. is Manila’s premier car rental service. Their comprehensive car rental services allow clients to skip the long lines at public transport terminals, saving them precious time and money in their day-to-day travels within the metro.


Metro Manila’s PUV Network


Plagued by breakdowns, unmaintained stations, and other issues, the Metro Manila train system lacks the infrastructure to move its more than 20 million people across 600 square kilometers. While some people still brave the trains, others rely on buses, shuttle vans, and taxis.


But these, too, can be problematic. These public utility vehicles, or PUV’s, can only be accessed via select PUV terminals. Unfortunately, these terminals can be few and far in between, which means that any one terminal is bound to be full of commuters.


One of the ways around the challenging PUV system of Metro Manila is owning a car. But this might not be a viable option for travelers, or expats who are in the city for a season or in transit.’s Car Rental Service


To get around this problem, offers client’s car rental services that have comprehensive features and upfront pricing. has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, from vans and SUV’s, to sedans and coupes. takes their car rental a step further by giving clients the option of renting a car with a driver. These drivers are expertly trained and qualified to take clients to and from their destination.


These services are available at daily, weekly, or monthly rates. also has 24/7 customer support, so clients will have round-the-clock assistance should they ever need it.




A premium car-for-rent service, caters to individuals, companies, executives, tourists, and expats. The vehicles in their inventory are guaranteed to be brand new, and their booking system allows clients to be picked up and dropped off wherever they need to be. To learn more about their services, visit their website at

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