RapidPlas Offers Livestock Watering Troughs and Packages

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Due to the scorching temperatures of the summer and the forecast of another severe heat wave, Local Land Services (LLS) District Veterinarian teams throughout Australia warn livestock owners of the impact of high temperatures on their livestock.

[TAMWORTH, 30/5/2018] - With high temperatures in Australia continuing, livestock owners are advised by LLC vets to follow several techniques when handling livestock during the hot weather. This includes working with livestock in the early morning or in the evening when the temperature is cooler, and ensuring access to a sufficient amount of clean drinking water throughout the day.

The Impact of Humidity and Access to Water

Dr Jillian Kelly, Central West LLS Veterinarian, states that livestock owners should consider the impact of two important points, humidity during summer and access to water points.

If, for example, the temperature is 35°C and the humidity is 10 per cent, a sheep’s body temperature will reach an average 32°C; however, if the humidity reaches 50 per cent, a sheep’s temperature can increase to 41°C. According to Dr Kelly, this results to damage to body tissues and extreme danger of heat stress.

If the water in rivers or dams is at a low level, livestock will crowd on the water source, stepping in the water and leaving a concentration of animal waste. This contaminates the water and increases the chances of livestock becoming bogged down in mud. If other livestock notice that the water is dirty, they may reject it. Therefore, livestock owners are advised to consider other options such as installing fences around water points or pumping water to troughs.

Providing Quality Watering Troughs to Livestock

RapidPlas offers durable tanks and accessories that are suitable for livestock watering, including high-quality water troughs for horses, cattle and sheep. For livestock owners who are planning to set up their own livestock watering system, they can purchase RapidPlas’ cost-effective packages that are delivered to farms for free.

The company’s range of water troughs has rims with smooth sides, which are less abrasive for the animal’s legs. They provide long rectangular troughs and troughs that feature 360° access to accommodate larger numbers of animals. RapidPlas’ watering troughs provide cooler and cleaner water to keep livestock hydrated.

About RapidPlas

Established in 1990, RapidPlas is a family owned business that manufactures a range of agricultural, residential and commercial polyethylene products such as rainwater tanks, fertilser tanks, feed and water troughs and other animal care products.

For more information, visit https://rapidplas.com.au.

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