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Adaptive Multi Rate or AMR files are most common in mobile devices. These files are basically short voice recordings or speech recording files that users play on their mobile phones. Most of the mobile devices allow users to store short recording files in this format. The free MP3 to AMR converter helps users convert MP3 files to AMR file formats and vice versa. Multiple files and batches can be converted at once without any issues. Users can select just a single file or an entire folder at the same time. It is one of the most simple and versatile tools that comes with a lot of features. The tool can be used by both advanced and new users. The tool enhances the speed of conversion as well as quality of the files.

The tool is also extremely easy to use and comes with a hot line number to reach customer service in case of any technical assistance needed while operating this tool. The tool also comes with a variety of customization features which can be used to alter the parameters of the conversion. It just takes a few minutes to convert multiple files but the results are reliable and worthy. This is a convenient tool that does not need any guidance. The tool also supports various other conversions to file formats such as OGG, WAV, MP2, 3GP, VOB, VCD, MPEG, RMVB and many others.

About Free MP3 to AMR Converter

The Free MP3 to AMR Converter is a freeware that converts MP3 files to AMR files so that they can be compatible on mobile phone devices. Files such as voice recordings and other short speech recordings can be converted to this format.

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