Looking for the perfect accommodation with a breath taking view? ‘Chan Bangkok Noi’ is the very definition of authenticity

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Chan Bangkok Noi, located at the heart of the capital city with an astonishing view of the river, offers an highly exceptional boutique hotel with delicious meals. The hotels policy is to give the best service so the customers come back.

Chan Bangkok-Noi truly is a breath of fresh air in the densely populated, smouldering capital city. It is practically impossible to escape the madness and the hustle and bustle, which is why every now and again, when a rare gem is discovered amongst it all; it is important to that you take a moment to dust it off and appreciate it in all its beauty.

Chan Bangkok-Noi is an all new boutique hotel that is located in the very heart of the capital, right on the riverfront. This charming hotel is genuinely one of the most wonderful escapes imaginable. It’s as though stepping into a time machine and returning to a distant era. You can experience the quiet life by the river, in a most relaxing and gorgeous setting.

Fill up on fine foods, the Thai way

In Chan Bangkok-Noi, authenticity is the key. This is reflected in the way that their IMM Restaurant serves guests food. It is done in the classic ‘Samrup Style’, which means sharing with your friends and loved ones - Order several dishes from the menu for you each to share, with steamed rice, and experience the pleasure of community dining.

Having dinner is about much more than simply eating food. It is about laughter, fulfilment and sharing the little things with those close to you. In Thai, the word ‘IMM’ means full up, which is exactly how you will be feeling once you’ve finished eating in this top-class restaurant.

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Discover a different breed of hotel, amidst the chaos

One of Chan Bangkok-Noi’s defining features is the wooden walkways which connects each area throughout the hotel to the next. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll from your gorgeous suite, down to the restaurant and onto the evening terrace area to relax. There is a certain charm in Chan Bangkok-Noi that is very hard to explain, one that can only be experienced when being so close to a body of water. The river rolls by, effortlessly on the move toward its next destination, whilst you remain motionless in calm.

Take a breath; this is the essence of Chan Bangkok-Noi. The hotel was built on the idea that the large majority of your life is made up of nameless moments. Moments spent gazing out over the water, fondly daydreaming in the sunshine. It is important that you cherish and recognise these moments, this is the message that Chan Bangkok-Noi wants to share with its guests.

Do you want to experience a wonderful snapshot in time? To be a part of the rich and cultural tapestry that has been weaved into the very fabric of Bangkok’s riverside? You can head over to the website where you will be able to discover some enticing promotions and more information on what is to offer in this incredibly unique-boutique hotel. https://www.channbangkoknoi.com


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