Laguna Surf Camp comes up with exquisite camps in Mancora

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Laguna Surf Camp offers residential facilities to travelers in Mancora. The place is built in typical local fashion offering sheer pleasure for the beach surfers.

Peru; 16, October 2014: Beaches can be adventurous and exciting for some and leisure and relaxed filled for the rest. Exquisite beaches can vitalize the mind and body with the aquatic beauty. Laguna surf camp is a wonderful place to stay if vacationing at Mancora Beach. The place offers scenic environment suiting surfing necessities and experiencing beach life. The place has bungalows and hammocks that are made of bamboos offering typical beach like mood. The surf camp also has a restaurant that cooks delicious food that one can expect from sea-sides.

The Laguna Surf Camp is just walks away from the main sea bay and gives a peaceful quite environment. For travelers who seek to enjoy the aspects of nature the Laguna hostel is the best joint. One can also enjoy a swim in the hostels self made swimming pool that is built specially for the guests. The Laguna Surf Camp has 12 bungalows near the pool and 20 hammocks beautifully sculpted with bamboo. The place is constructed in between palm trees which is must haves in sea side regions. The swaying palm trees overheads makes a lively and close-to-nature ambience. Along with relaxing the camp also gives out surfing lessons to the interested tourists.

The hippie and noisy life in Mancora can be exempted if one is residing at the Laguna Surf Camp. Their online website can be checked to see their many reviews and photo gallery. Apart from this the place maintains neat and clean atmosphere and is also a no-smoking zone. The beach bums can get adequate knowledge from the owner who also gives out surfing lessons to the enthusiast. The culinary skills of the cook are also noteworthy in preparing ideal beach oriented dishes. The hostel in Mancora vows one and all with its close to nature simplicity and earthy charm.

The rent of the rooms is also fairly priced and one would find the tariff chart highly justified. The Laguna Camp is judged ideal for experiencing the calmness of the sea and its surrounding. The raw appeal to the blues is a rare quality that not many beach hostels can offer but Laguna Surf Camp does that rightly. The beach house is in this business for more than 10 years and the staffs they house are potential in speaking English and French.

The nightlife in Peru although is not on the Hostels service list as it is built away from chaos to secure harmony. The Laguna Surf Camp offers the right balance of entertainment and relaxation that is most required in sea-side destinations.

About Laguna Surf Camp:

The Laguna Surf Camp is a beach hostel minutes away from Mancora Beach, Peru. The place is built within palm trees and comprises of bungalows and typical hammocks at cheap cost. Their website can be visited for more information.

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