Is Professional Teeth Whitening at Ace Dental Effective?

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As a general rule, over-the-counter teeth whitening products come with many risks and ultimately they are not as safe as professional treatment. Ace Dental offers teeth whitening services to their patients.

[LONDON, 5/6/2018]— At Ace Dental, teeth whitening is performed by experienced dentists and treatments are customised for each individual patient. As a result, patients know in advance what they are paying for.


Preparation of The Teeth


Before any actual teeth whitening begins, a dentist at Ace Dental will prepare the patient’s teeth by removing plaque and tartar, filling in any cavities or treating gum disease. These steps are essential for effective teeth whitening at Ace Dental, since a dentist needs to work on a clean canvas.


Power Teeth Whitening and Home Teeth Whitening


Depending on the type of treatment chosen by the patient, a dentist at Ace Dental will either place a rubber shield over the gums and apply bleaching agent directly to the teeth, or they will provide patients with customised bleaching trays to use at home. The first type of teeth whitening treatment uses a special laser light to activate the bleaching agents, whereas home whitening is more gradual and can take up to two weeks. Both whitening treatments provided by Ace Dental are safe and can brighten a patient’s teeth by several shades.


Bespoke, Professional Teeth Whitening


In general, a dentist at Ace Dental will use a higher concentration of bleaching agent in order to remove stains from the teeth than is available outside of a clinical environment. However, this does not mean that teeth will necessarily become whiter. The strength of the gel provided by Ace Dental merely affects how long it can be applied to the teeth and how quickly discolouration will be removed. For instance, gel destined for patients who wish to whiten their teeth at home are less concentrated because it stays on the teeth for a longer period of time. In any case, at Ace Dental bespoke treatment is offered to every patient, regardless of the whitening method they use, while every care is taken to protect sensitive teeth.


Professionals Do It Better


The most important advantage of having teeth whitening at Ace Dental is dental supervision at every stage of the treatment.


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