Hip Replacement Treatment, For Many, Is A New Lease Of Life

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A total hip replacement surgery India is the final treatment for a painful arthritic hip which replaces the worn out ball and socket with a high tech, biologically integrated prosthetic ball and socket joint.

Hip pain often creeps up on us very slowly while occasionally it is more rapid. This is often caused due to osteoarthritis. While in the past hip replacement surgery was associated with the elderly but now this is seen not only in the 60 year old and group of young people from mid 30s onwards especially in those who have been active and sporty.

A total hip replacement surgery India is the final treatment for a painful arthritic hip which replaces the worn out ball and socket with a high tech, biologically integrated prosthetic ball and socket joint with a ceramic-on-ceramic or ceramic-on-plastic bearing. In the past hip replacement surgeries were big operations involving long hospital stays and long periods of recovery. However there have been enormous advances in the last ten years which led to smaller incisions, less trauma, muscle splitting approaches, minimal blood loos, shorter operations and hospital stays and lower complications.

Further the anaesthetic techniques with the hip replacement has also improved that patients may a local spinal anaesthetic which an injectin near the spine numbs the lower half of the body so they may stay awake or sleep during the hip replacement. This operation transforms lives which itself has been transformed but despite the improvements in the hip surgery complications can and do occur and it is important you go through all of these with your surgeon in detail before the treatment.

Why Get Hip Replacement Treatment in India?

There are great benefits to people looking for hip replacement treatment with the low hip joint price in India. These benefits include highly experienced and skilled surgeons at the world class hospitals in India that offers the latest and most advanced technology and there is no waiting time for getting this treatment in India. Our hip surgeons specialises in the total hip replacement, hip revision and hip arthroscopy. Our highly dedicated multi-disciplinary team provides excellent outcomes.

The best hospitals in India have the latest technology such as high end MRI, computer navigation, neuro-navigation surgical systems, 64 slice CT and neuro physiology, etc. The specialized physiotherapy and rehabilitation services help the patients to return back to their normal activities quickly post surgery. The hospitals are designed in such a way to provide complete patient care, travel desks, etc.

About Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India:

Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is a prominent medical value provider in India that provides assistance to global medical tourist seeking hip replacement surgery in India. Our group provides guidance to the international patients seeking exceptional medical care adhering to the International standards. We help you with arrangements for your medical travel seeking affordable hip joint price in India. We provide medical visa assistance, health meals, accommodation, airport transfers and inland transport, scheduling your appointments, etc.

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