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Kerala is the southernmost state of India. The state is popular for festivals. We can call kerala as the land of festivals. There are many major and minor festivals celebrated in this state.

Kerala is the southernmost state of India. The state is popular for festivals. We can call kerala as the land of festivals. There are many major and minor festivals celebrated in this state. The major festivals of Kerala includes Onam, Christmas, Vishu, Deepavali, and Eid whereas minor festivals includes pooram, pongala and so many other festivals. There are also several cultural events conducted by the state government during the festival season. The cultural events includes Kathakalli, Mohiniyattam, and several other events.                              

Among all festivals, Onam is the most important festival of Kerala. During onam days, people celebrate the festival with wearing new clothes, making flower carpets and eating food together with all the members of each family. Onam is celebrated during the month of August or September, according to the malayalam calender. Christmas is the second most festival celebrated in kerala, which is on December 25.During Christmas, people of all castes, celebrate the festival. They celebrate the festival by going to church and attending the carols. Christmas marks the birthday of jesus christ. Vishu is also an important festival celebrated during the month of April. In Vishu, people celebrate the festival by going to temples of lord vishu. Vishu is also the day for the starting of writing for each children. Another major festival is Deepavali, which is known as the festival of lamps and fireworks. Deepavali always comes in the month of november. According to myth, it marks the returning of lord Rama after killing the demon king, Ravana. The Eid marks the end of month ramdan, according to muslim calender. Muslims take fasting during this month.

There are also several minor native festivals celebrated in Kerala. The most among them are Pooram and Pongala. Pooram is the annual temple festival held in several temples. Thrissur pooram is the most important pooram celebrated in kerala. It is known as the pooram of poorams. Thrissur is a district, situated in the middle part of Kerala. During thrissur pooram, above hundreds of ornately decorated elephants were paraded in the ground in opposite directions. Pandy melam and Panchavadhyam are musical treats for the visitors. Pongala is also a native festival of kerala, which is porridge made of rice, coconut gratings and nuts. Only women devotees are allowed to participate in pongala. The most famous pongalas in kerala are Attukal pongala, Chakkulathukaavu pongala and karikkakam pongala.

When we discuss a festival in Kerala which symbolizes peace and bliss for all, Pongal strikes to our minds. Celebrated by offering prayers to the Sun God, Pongal marks the start of a New Year. This four day celebration is intended to laud and express gratitude toward God with full dedication and confidence and truthfulness of heart. The celebration is conducted on January 14, consistently, and it coincides with Makar Sankranti of the North, Lohri of Punjab, Bhogali Bihu of Assam and Bhogi of Andhra Pradesh. It falls after the winter solstice and a plentiful harvest, and denotes the period of festivity and happy exercises.

A unique dish called 'Sarkkarai Pongal' is offered to seek the blessings of the Sun God. The festival incorporates all the living animals. Indeed, even the bugs are offered rice flour to eat on in the form of 'Kollam' on the entranceway of the houses. The festival on January 13 is known as 'Bhogi'. Primary celebration 'Pongal' is conducted on January 14. The rest festivities of January 15 and 16 are called 'Mattu Pongal' and 'Thiruvalluvar Day' separately.

An uncommon sweet rice preparation, known as 'Pongal', is cooked in another pottery pot and is introduced at where the puja is to be performed. The celebration is related with cleanliness the myths of triumph over the evil powers. The best piece of the celebration lies in delicious arrangements, house adornments, painting of entryways with vermilion and different decorations with sandalwood paste, bright garlands of leaves and blossoms. You can likewise appreciate a few customary dance/music/works of art of Kerala amid Pongal.

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