Easily Prevent Mobile and Internet Communication on Site with Wearable Police Jammer

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For more coverage one can strategically deploy more people wearing Personal Communication Jammers and increase jammed area to action zone without need of special anti-drone jammer or other expensive high-power unit.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 5, 2019 -- Jammers4U launches wearable police jammer to easily  prevent mobile and internet communication on site. Police raid missions do not look the same as a few years ago. With modern communication devices, criminals can easily organize to make some countermeasures upon detecting police raid team. It is imperative to disable all wireless and mobile communication before the action to prevent any communication that can jeopardize the mission. Drones and remote operated vehicles can also interfere with an operation and compromise safety of police officers in action.

Only reliable way to disable communication in the area is to activate the jammer, and kill all communication in the zone. Jammers4u has developed specialized series of multi-band handheld jammers for police forces, simple to use, light to carry, and with set of jamming bands that will stop all mobile communication, all internet 2.4Ghz 5Ghz communication applications such as Viber, Whats Up, Wee Chat, Messenger, and all similar programs that depend on the internet connection. There is also car remote jammer implemented, so officers can stop potential target to escape in a car, by disabling the car remote, so the car can not be unlocked and entered into. Police communication jammer can disable GSM or WiFi remote operated vehicles and drones up to 30m. More activated jammers significantly increase jamming range.

Portable Communication Jammer CT-1010-5Ghz  is utilizing 1W modules, in total 10W which allows maximal range of 30m. Jammer range depends greatly of many factors, such as cell tower power and distance, walls with armature, and other obstructions. However, in crowded situations, mobile signal is already degraded and weak so it is much easier to affect it with jammer, so the effective range could be somewhat bigger.

For more coverage, one can strategically deploy more people wearing Personal Communication Jammers and increase jammed area to action zone without need of special anti-drone jammer or other expensive high-power unit.

Personal Communication Jammers have become a necessity in modern crime-fighting and any serious police or anti-terrorist unit should have at least one PC Jammer to increase effectiveness of raids and police actions. Only one police officer equipped with Personal Communication Jammer can mean a difference between failed or successful mission, and even save a life by preventing unnecessary risks. Product web page :  http://jammers4u.com/jammer/ct-1010-5ghz-10-antennas-10w-3g-4g-gps-l1-l2-lojack-wifi-jammer-up-to-30m


About Jammers4U:
R&R Group Jammers4u is OEM Manufacturer focused on wireless security market needs that respond by developing jammers to meet ever increasing requirements of the market. Current trend is fast expanding drone market that poses a new kind of treat to safety of events and secure objects.

As original RF equipment manufacturer from Taiwan with own factory in Hong Kong/Shenzhen, China, Jammers4u hold traditional quality developed in many years of making for wireless RF technology on Taiwan, therefore one can be sure that our Jammers products quality and technology is match superior then from other manufactures. Products case may are look similar, but inside is PCB boards, RF Modules, even antennas are different, of course, the performance are a lot of different.

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