Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co. Ltd Offers High Quality Addressable LED Strip Lights

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Based in China, Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co. Ltd is a company that designs as well as sells addressable LED strip lights that are superior in quality.

Guangdong, PRC, May 16, 2019: Business establishment owners know quite well how important is the need for effective lighting to display their products before their clients in an appealing way. Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co. Ltd offers some of the best lighting solutions that can come in handy for business owners, offering illumination that lasts but does not consume a lot in terms of energy bills.

The company aims to offer solutions that can quickly satisfy customers, and which come at reasonable costs. It offers Ws2811 Led Strip lights, which are among the many lighting solutions developed by this company, and come in a number of variants that can be chosen from by customers. The company designs as well as makes and sells LED strips that are programmable and of the best quality.

At present, the agency has 3 addressable led lights on offer - WS2811 LED Strip, WS2818 LED strip and WS2812b LED strip lights. These come in variable density and level of water resistance. The SDIP lights are popular for their amazing features, which include water resistance mechanism. The company aims to offer lights with addressable color, and bring to life its vision of designs LED strips that are most addressable.

Other than the product itself, the company offers free consultation on various project needs and suggests comprehensive solutions that are based on the MADRIX platform. If needed, the company can send engineers to customers’ sites in order to offer guidance.

The company has a young but expert team that is passionate in producing lights that are renewable. Other than lighting solutions, the agency has expertise in information technology, renewable energy, climate change, business development, solar energy and finance.

Although the company presently operates from China, its team has worked in Africa. Its founders believed that they could illuminate the lives of millions living there without access to any reliable source of electricity. And they formed MPower Ventures with their expertise in financing, solar and information technology.

About Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co. Ltd

Dongguan Sidipu Optoelectronics Co. Ltd is a company based in China, and working from there at present in designing, making and selling high quality LED illuminants to serve the needs of businesses.

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