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weight loss is much easier to be done in winter


Many people prefer to lose weight in the summer. Due to hot summer weather, people decreased appetite but increased outdoor activities, the energy consumption is increased and therefore the obesity will be improved. However, weight loss is much easier to be done in winter

Two reasons:
Firstly, the temperatures drop in winter but the blood supply of the stomach increased, therefore the human gastrointestinal digestion and absorption enhance, due to good appetite, it is most likely to gain weight in winter season, if you can control the body weight in these months, the risk of obesity is greatly reduced fat;

Secondly, expert found that people can consume much more calorie in a cold environment than in a warm environment

You can lose weight throughout the year if you take fruta planta diet capsules, combine some exercise, reducing about 15 lbs in a month is a easy thing

The advantages of exercise to reduce weight
1. Movement can restore the regulation of metabolism, stimulate the body to function, consume excess fat and thus promote the metabolism of fat.

2, the exercise of muscle can make the blood free fatty acids and glucose utilization increased, shrinking the fat cells; on the other hand, the excess sugar is consumed and cannot be converted to fat, reducing the formation of fat.
3, exercise helps to improve myocardial metabolism, improve cardiac work capacity, strengthen cardiac contractility and improve the obesity cardiovascular system's ability to adapt to the physical load, reducing the load on the heart, thereby improving the function of the cardiovascular system.
4, exercise increases the strength of respiratory muscles and increase range of motion and thoracic lung capacity, improve pulmonary ventilation and ventilation function, quick gas exchange can oxidize to burn off more excess fat.

5, the movement can improve the regulatory function of the abdominal visceral activity, increase the stomach activity and blood circulation, reducing the intestinal bloating, constipation, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, drowsiness and other complications
6, the movement can adjust the cerebral cortex, making people full of energy, increasing confidence to overcome obesity

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