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As people get older, the whiteness of their teeth can slowly fade. Even with a rigorous tooth-brushing regime, smiles can develop a wide variety of unattractive colours.

[Camden, 22/1/2017] - At Ace Dental in Camden, teeth whitening treatments solve this problem. In a simple and comfortable process, teeth whitening in Camden makes a person’s teeth look bright and fresh.

The need for teeth whitening with Ace Dental

People regularly visit Ace Dental for teeth whitening because they’re unhappy with the colour of their teeth. Over the years, food and drink leave behind traces of colour on the surface of the tooth enamel. These traces gradually build up into stains that are very difficult to control using only over-the-counter products. Ace Dental’s teeth whitening treatments are speedy and effective. The improvement in the smile’s aesthetic appeal is often accompanied by a boost in the person’s overall confidence.

The Ace Dental teeth whitening process

The patient will talk to the friendly Ace Dental team about how bright they’d like their teeth to be. A range of shades is available, and the patient can pick the one that suits them best. Then there are two slightly different methods by which the teeth whitening is delivered.

In power whitening, the patient will spend about an hour in Ace Dental’s treatment room wearing a specially-fitted plastic appliance over their teeth. Inside this appliance is a special gel containing the teeth whitening agent. A customised lamp shined onto the teeth enhances the effectiveness of this gel.

Then there’s the at-home teeth whitening process, in which Ace Dental gives the patient a customised mouth guards to wear at home for specified periods. The whitening agent inside the appliance gradually makes the teeth brighter. The results are just as effective as the power whitening process, and the gel has a pleasant, minty flavour.

The teeth whitening

Ace Dental’s teeth whitening treatments are an easy way to achieve a great cosmetic improvement. The patient’s enhanced smile will look much brighter, and they may feel more at ease in social situations, especially when the cameras come out. Ace Dental also offers top-up treatments to maintain the new shade if discolouration starts to creep back in.

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