Barski Law Firm PLC Offers Debt Relief Services in Arizona

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The Arizona-based bankruptcy attorney offers a solution that helps individuals pay their debt sooner and prevent them from filing for bankruptcy.

[SCOTTSDALE, 06/01/2018] — Barski Law Firm PLC is offering services for individuals who qualify for debt relief in Arizona. The firm explains that debt relief solutions allow consumers to get out of credit card debts, student loans, and medical bills without the need to file for bankruptcy.


Barski Law Firm PLC, however, adds that this solution may not work in all cases.


Debt Relief and Qualifications


According to Barski Law Firm PLC, debt relief includes re-organizing debt in a way that provides debtors either partial or full relief by negotiating terms for creditors. This option is an ideal choice for individuals whose debt is more than they can realistically pay off in two to three years’ time.


Debt relief is not at all an easy way out, so it is best to consult a debt relief lawyer to determine the right solution toward financial stability.


People who qualify for debt relief options are those who have higher incomes and adequate assets. Borrowers can also seek debt relief with creditors if they have legitimate financial hardship like severe medical issues.


The experience of a debt relief attorney is vital in helping individuals get the most out of the debt relief solution. Sharp negotiation skills will help convince creditors that the individual cannot pay.


The Benefits of Debt Relief


Debt relief can help individuals free of debt, and they can also experience several advantages. There will be no need for people to file for bankruptcy, which tends to leave a lasting impact on credit reports.


It also helps individuals manage overwhelming debts due to financial hardship. This solution reduces the amount they have to pay.


Barski Law Firm PLC adds that debt relief helps people to pay debts within two to four years. The firm says that that time frame is relatively short if they will pay their debt normally.


About Barski Law Firm PLC


Barski Law Firm PLC, headed by Chris Barski, is a bankruptcy counsel in Arizona with more than a decade’s experience in the industry litigating in all chapters of the bankruptcy code. He has represented a variety of clients in a range of cases, from personal to business bankruptcy. The firm provides comprehensive, honest, and straightforward alternatives for debt relief.


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