Arizona Urns – Look No Further For Beautiful Handcrafted Cremation Urns

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Different Types of Urns Including Customized Urns Available

Arizona – Dealing with the loss of a family member, friend or a pet could be very difficult. Along with the grief there are other things to be taken care of including the cremation urn. Arizona Urns provides solutions to different needs for cremation urns including personalized ones.

One can find unique handmade wood cremation urns with high priority given to quality. These urns are available at a fair price made from exotic, domestic, top quality hardwoods. The round urns are turned on a lathe with lids threaded for easy opening and closing. One can also find rectangular cremation urns that have a plate at the bottom which is held securely with screws. The bottom of the urns has a felt which protects them from any scratches.

The cremation urns are covered with polyurethane coats that is UV resistance and soap and cleanser resistant as well. This also adds a beautiful lustre to the urn. One can also order for custom built cremation urns where an individual has the choice to select the type of wood to be used, basic shape which could be round or lathe turned, preferred design on the urn and specifications regarding size. There is no extra charge that is billed for custom made urns. Custom cremation urns can be ordered with unique mosaic tile designs or acrylic paints on them.

For those who have questions about the size of the urns can look for information on the website and order from the box and lather turned cremation urns depending on the body size of the person or pet. The shipping time is usually two to three business days which is free of cost to the Continental United States and Canada. Payment for the urns can be made through PayPal or all major credit cards.

About Arizona Urns

Arizona Urns provides the solution for beautiful handmade cremation urns and also offer customized cremation urns made of high quality wood. These urns are available at a very fair price wherein one can find box styled and lathe turned wood with polyurethane coats which is UV resistance, and soap and cleanser resistant as well. Customized urns can be ordered with specific designs, type of wood and size as well. The lids are well threaded to avoid any spillage. Convenient payment mode is offered through all major credit cards or PayPal.

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