Alpha Wealth Funds Helps Investors Boost Their Portfolio with Separately Managed Accounts

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Alpha Wealth Funds, a trusted financial wealth management company in the US, helps investors boost their portfolio with separately managed accounts. It consists of certified financial professionals with the skill set required to handle such accounts.

[PARK CITY, 5/30/2018]—Alpha Wealth Funds, a trusted financial wealth management company in the US, helps investors boost their portfolio with separately managed accounts (SMAs). The company consists of certified financial professionals with the skill set and the right tools and resources to handle such accounts.


Growing Interest in Separately Managed Accounts


Generally, the investment management world consists of two types of investors: retail and institutional. Retail classes of mutual funds and other investment products designed for individual investors come with a modest initial investment price. Managed financial strategies for institutions or companies, on the other hand, often have minimal investment requirements amounting to $25 million or more. Between these ends of the spectrum, however, is the growing interest in SMAs, which often targets wealthy individual investors.


Separately Managed Accounts Explained


An SMA is a portfolio of assets owned by an individual but managed by a professional investment firm. Often, one manager, backed by a team of analysts and administrative staff, is responsible for day-to-day investment decisions in a single SMA, meeting the goals of the investor. Unlike pooled vehicles like mutual funds, SMAs allow customization, making each portfolio unique to a single account. Meaning, investors have better control over their accounts as their investment isn’t combined with other investors’ capitals and deployed in one particular investment strategy.


SMAs with Security and Transparency


For many investors, the biggest appeal of SMAs is the transparency — they know and control everything that happens in their managed account. At Alpha Wealth Funds, SMAs come with transparency and security. The company designates a certified financial professional to handle an SMA. This manager works closely with the client to structure the portfolio in such a way that it realizes the client’s goals and is in line with the client’s financial profile.


The manager also meets the client regularly to make sure the investment is on track with the client’s goals and expectations. He or she will also rebalance the portfolio as needed.


Many investors have trusted Alpha Wealth Funds, giving it the discretion to make investment decisions on their behalf. After all, the company isn’t only transparent about the accounts, but it is also honest about its services — from the fees it charges each quarter to the value it adds to earn these fees.


About Alpha Wealth Funds


Established in 2010, Alpha Wealth Funds provides its clients with a full spectrum of financial solutions. These solutions include financial planning, emerging hedge funds, separately managed accounts, private placements, estate and trust services, and in-house concierge services for individuals, families, and businesses.


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