YardYum Offers Solution to Gardeners Without Land

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Living in an apartment, dorm or condominium can be difficult for many people with a green thumb. Those who desire to plant a garden while living in these types of properties...

Lake Tahoe, Nevada; 11, October 2017: Living in an apartment, dorm or condominium can be difficult for many people with a green thumb. Those who desire to plant a garden while living in these types of properties have always had to put off the longing feeling of having a garden of their own. YardYum, a new online platform, has created a solution to this problem.

Many home owners have land available on their property that they’ve always imagined doing something with, but have never had the time to. Now both gardeners and people with land can connect easily on YardYum.

People can now rent out their land for use by gardeners, and gardeners can find available land for gardening. It creates a win-win for all parties involved. Those interested in renting out their land can simply visit YardYum’s website (yardyum.com) and fill out details about their plot, upload photos, and choose their pricing model. This listing can then be searched by local, potential gardeners. Not to worry though, only an approximate location is displayed publicly, as YardYum takes privacy very seriously.

Once a gardener finds a suitable plot, they can send a private message to the owner. Then, if the owner feels comfortable, they can share their complete address with the gardener, and arrange a meet-up to decide if the agreement is mutually beneficial.

YardYum then provides a contract template that includes the terms such as payments, access days/times, watering schedules, and more. Gardeners and their host can also opt to do a verbal agreement too – it is 100% the decision of both parties. One of the best parts of this relationship, is that the gardener can pay the owner with a portion of the produce grown, rather than simply money. Imagine being able to eat delicious, fresh, fruits and vegetables grown in your backyard, without having to do any work?

YardYum has successfully matched many gardeners with landowners in various cities worldwide. The owner gets to enjoy the benefits of seeing a beautiful garden growing on their property without the hassle of having to do the gardening themselves. Once the gardening contract expires, owners can choose whether to extend it for another season, re-list their plot, or cease use of the plot all together.

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