Winter Oak Book Series Seeks Indiegogo Crowdfunding For Promotional Goals

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Winter Oak Book Series is a tale filled with rich imagination. Written by Colleen Marlett, the project now seeks Indiegogo crowdfunding for achieving its promotional goals.

(March 30, 2018) - The Winter Oak Book Series Project is developed by the project owner Colleen Marlett from Santa Maria, United States. The book series belongs to the fantasy/realism genre and aims to promote a powerful message on living a life with a great sense of purpose. Written by Colleen Marlett who is a highly imaginative author in her own right, The Winter Oak Book Series is set in the beautiful fictional town called Wildewood located on California’s central coast where the author grew up. It tells the story of a unique adolescent girl as well as her friends who have been living a rather quiet existence in the small town but are now all set to embark on a most exciting and important adventure that is going to change their lives forever. The protagonist of the story along with her friends is to change the world that they are living in. The impact of their actions is also going to change the magical world that coexists with the one that they are currently living in. The whole point of the story is to inspire people to live a meaningful life; one with a higher sense of purpose. The story in Winter Oak Book Series will focus on themes of history, hard work and family, all wrapped in a gripping tale of heroism where the characters face insurmountable obstacles.

In the story, readers will find Clover Lawless along with her friends make necessary changes that are vital for sustaining our world the way it was meant to be always. These characters are the minds and voices of the future. The story has been written to inspire and encourage youth and adults of today to do the needful and make the world a better place. The story explores various trials and tribulations that the characters face, which are steeped in the socio-political and religious aspects of our world in modern times, while being masked by imagination, fantasy and magic which can bring an understanding of the differences that characterize all people. The Winter Oak Book Series Project is currently seeking Indiegogo crowdfunding and hopes to raise an amount of $6,000 USD that can be used for marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, emailing campaigns, website launches and video creations to aide in the promotion of the book series.

About The Winter Oak Book Series Project:
The Winter Oak Book Series Project is an imaginative tale of inspiration that encourages people to live a life of greater purpose. This project is in need of funds and is seeking help via its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

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