Why Silk Pillowcases are the Answer to Your Beauty Woes

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With Beauty UK 2018 taking place, there are men and women up and down the country focusing on all things beauty.

With Beauty UK 2018 taking place, there are men and women up and down the country focusing on all things beauty.

Beauty standards are higher than ever, which has people turning to their fully stocked pile of makeup, skincare and haircare, while searching for the newest miracle product. But what if the answer to dry skin and frizzy hair has been under our noses all along?

A simple way to keep your skin healthy and radiant is to sleep on silk pillowcases.

How Can Silk Help Your Skin?

Recent studies from reputable beauty retailers have shown that women spend up to £500 a year on beauty products, sometimes much more. With that statistic in mind, investing in a silk pillowcase starts to seem like a better use of all that money.

But how can silk pillowcases help your skin?

It’s Hydrating

Well, where you put your head at night can affect how your skin looks in the morning. The tightly woven, smooth fibres found in silk help to keep moisture close to the skin on your face and neck. Your skin will be more hydrated when waking from a silk pillowcase than it would if you slept on cotton.

The moisturising affects also help with anti-ageing and can prevent wrinkles and dark circles.

The same goes for your hair. The silk helps to lock in moisture, keeping your hair looking smooth and silky.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive skin being affected by chemicals and drugstore beauty products. Silk is gentle and has a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould.

One of the best ways to introduce silk into your nightly routine is to start using silk pillowcases.

It’s Natural

When it comes to the skin on your face and neck, real luxury comes from natural products rather than from a bottle of chemicals.

Silk already has natural properties such as the amino acid sericin, which has moisture preservation affects. Silk amino acids are often used as an ingredient in the shampoos, facial moisturisers and cosmetics we see today. Why not go straight to the source?

Plus, silk is naturally temperature regulating, helping you to sleep better. A good night's sleep equals healthier, revitalised skin.

Do I need a Silk Pillowcase?

Although not the complete solution to beautiful skin in time for summer, silk pillowcases are a useful investment because of their track record for helping to achieve hydrated and healthy-looking skin.

With special offers on silk pillowcases from Jasmine Silk, you can’t go wrong.

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