Why And How To Sell Diabetic Strips?

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Constant monitoring is needed in diabetes. Majority of the patients who are suffering from diabetes have a kit to test their blood sugar. Sometimes, test strip bands are purchased, but later, they are abandoned. The shelf life of these test strips is short and often, it just adds to the collection. You need to get rid of this practice. It is not right to throw away those diabetic test strips in bins.

If you have purchased them, you might be aware that they are very expensive. Sometimes, there are diabetics, who can’t purchase these due to lack of insurance, fixed income or low income. Well, there are certain organizations that help them with this. So, if you have unexpired or unopened strips, you can easily sell them for cash. Don’t throw them away in trash now!

Many a times people have extra strips; some prefer keeping extra boxes and later they realize that it’s much more than what they need. If boxes keep adding up, you will have loads of them later on. Sometimes, people don’t test as often as they need to. Sometimes, they keep changing the brands too and so, the supply of old brands remain as it is. After the loved one passes away, even his/her stock stays back. Thus, there are several reasons as to why you might have unexpired, still-sealed and perfectly good boxes of these test strips. Sell these test strips for cash.

Is selling those strips illegal?

No, it is not at all illegal. If you own them, selling them is completely legal. These can be purchased without prescription and so, it’s not at all illegal. Even though “Not for resale” is written on the box, they can be sold. It is written just for the sake that people don’t sell them through retailers.

Keep few things in mind. For example, good demand won’t be enjoyed by all brands. Who would purchase boxes that are with broken seals, damaged or expired. If the brand is good and if the condition is good, you can sell easily. See to it that the expiry period is minimum 6 months away.

There are several dealers like http://moneyforstrips.com/ whom you can sell your strips and make money. These dealers check the condition and purchase accordingly. The payment process is as per your choice; the moment they take it, they will pay you through the mode you like.

The process is very quick and money is transferred immediately. Research a good online dealer who would offer cash for your test strips and read all the reviews properly.

Learn the entire process to sell your test strips and accordingly plan it. Read their terms and conditions well and also check the FAQ section to avoid any sorts of doubts. Once you are sure of everything, get ready to obtain your cash.

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