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There is always some speculation going on in the choice between whey and casein. Which one are we supposed to consume? We need to have a look at the characteristics of both protein components in order to find out which one is best for us.

Whey’s properties

After the boiling and curdling of the milk, it is strained and the residue left is called whey. Whey is used in order to produce food items commercially. Whey is a by-product. Therefore it is obtained from the production of commercial items such as cheddar cheese, cottage cheese and Swiss cheese the same as in <a href="http://pre-workout-drink.com/">pre workout drinks</a>. There is a lot of acidic content in this protein therefore it is sometimes called the sour cheese.

Casein’s properties

Belonging to the family of phosphoproteins; it is found in the milk of mammals. This protein provides help in the production of commercial food items. It can be used in the form of binder for safety matches, additive for foods and production of cheese. Its contents include calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus and amino acids.

It is difficult to conclude which protein element needs to be used in order to gain energy and strength in the body. Basically people want to consume protein compounds in order to gain energy so they can work out easily. Let us have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of both protein compounds to determine which should be consumed for this purpose.

Advantages of compounds

Calcium is a strong component of casein which strengthens the bones of the body. It also helps a lot in bone development. This protein compound is slow to digest. As it remains in the body for a long period of time, it conserves energy and provides body the required energy.

Whey us responsible for absorption of good fats in the body therefore resulting in provision of energy to the muscles and bones. Antioxidant activities increase due to this compound and then immune system is given strength too. Physical activity is improved with the intake of whey.

Disadvantages of compounds

Sometimes slow digestion leads to a lot of problems. There are gas issues in certain people due to slow digestion problems. Other people face bloating issues due to the high level of sodium found in this compound. Due to slow digestion, amino acids are not able to reach the blood stream which results in low energy level.

If the body has small amount of protein, whey cannot help increase this level of protein. Other than this issue, there are no other diseases or concerns related to whey.


If we consider both protein compounds, we will get to know how having both compounds is a choice of individual. If a person wants to strengthen his body and bones, he should consider taking casein. If the person is taking protein in order to increase his protein level in the body, he will not consume whey. Therefore, this debate shall go on forever. Choosing the protein compound becomes a choice on the basis of individual preference in relevance to the qualities they provide. <a href="http://pre-workout-drink.com/">More information...</a>


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