Van Matre Construction, LLC Provides Micropiles for Home Repairs

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Van Matre Construction, LLC offers micropiles as a solution to common foundation problems caused by swelling soils in Colorado.

[LAFAYETTE, 04/12/2018] — Swelling soils or expansive soils commonly occur in Colorado, which can be damaging to a home’s foundation. Van Matre Construction, LLC resolves this by offering micropiles for home repairs.


The Problem with Expansive Soils


Expansive soils, or swelling soils, damage any home or establishment’s foundation. With expansive soils, the volume change with the varying water content could cause the soil to shrink or swell. Van Matre Construction, LLC explains that swelling soils in Colorado can also be very dense and hard, even harder than 40-50 blow-count soil. The construction firm explains that workers may find it difficult to drive a helical pier, or screwpile, through the soil.


The company says that permanently fixing a foundation built on swelling soils will only be possible by drilling through the upper layers of the dense, expansive soils deep enough so that it does not swell.


Micropiles Get the Tough Job Done


Van Matre Construction, LLC invested in the best micropile drilling equipment. The construction firm’s micropile equipment drills as deep as 150 meters into solid bedrock if necessary.


A micropile (also called needle pile, pin pile, root pile, and mini pile) has a casing with a range of 3 to 10 inches in diameter. The reinforcing steel installed in the micropile casing and strength cement grout pumped into it allows it to extend to the full depth or end above the bond zone.


The company adds that its completed micropile, which is typically load tested, resists uplift or tension, lateral, and compressive loads. The capacity differs depending on the micropile size and the subsurface profile.


While micropiles cost a little more than helical piers, the foundation repair company remarks that it is a solution that will last.


About Van Matre Construction, LLC


Van Matre Construction, LLC has been serving Colorado since 2001. The A+-rated Better Business Bureau accredited business specializes in foundation repairs and works on lateral and vertical movements, drainage and grading, and helical piers. The company also provides a full range of construction services. Its team of professionals commit to finishing projects on-time and on-budget.


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