Unit4 Automates Operational Activities for Efficient Property Management

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Software provider Unit4 partners with real estate companies around the globe to optimise their operations through the company’s ERP application. It offers various automated services for hassle-free property management.

[Singapore, 31/07/2017] - Unit4, a global provider of ERP applications, works with real estate companies worldwide to optimise their property portfolio management and other operational activities. Unit4 allows real estate companies to automate back functions in their operations through its software, providing strong support for property management and administration. The application specifically automates leasing out, lease administration, property management, and portfolio management.




The lease out process is made easy with Unit4’s solutions. With the software, the company matches vacant properties such as flats, office spaces or parking lots with the appropriate client.


Lease Agreement and Rent Administration


Clients can accurately bill their tenants every due date. The process simply involves setting the rent for each tenant and the system will do the rest.


Technical Property Management and Maintenance


Clients can also manage both technical and physical aspects of a property through Unit4’s software. They may use the application to design plans for the property, such as inspections, maintenance planning and other corrective and preventative maintenance activities.


Portfolio Management, Acquisitions, and Disposal


Managing portfolios with Unit4’s software helps users maximise their property value and get the optimal investment return on their property. Users can manage updates in the structure of their property portfolio and budget revenues from each of their lease agreements.


Unit4 has three decades of experience in the real estate industry. Over 125 organisations use its real estate software. Out of the top 50 European real estate companies, eight work with Unit4. Some of the company’s real estate partners include Castellum, Coor Service Management, ISS and AB Sagax.


About Unit4


Unit4 is an international provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The company has 4,200 employees across the globe and annual revenues of more than 600 million euros. It provides applications for various industries such as real estate, wholesale, public services, education, not-for-profits and financial services. Unit4 Asia Pacific is headed by Managing Director Jack van der Velde.


For more information, visit their website at http://www.unit4.com/ap

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