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Enfield, UK – 08 August 2017 – Unicom Insurance is one of the best UK providers of protection policies, which are intended to cover every possible risk associated with motor trade. This company can be distinguished for its advantageous insurance packages available at competitive price.

Motor trade insurance is an essential thing for any business, which is involved in auto industry and incorporates driving staff, expected to ride the company’s motor vehicles or customer’s vehicles. The range of businesses, which can be interested in motor trade insurance, is large, including brand new car dealers, second-hand car dealers, auto repair shops, breakdown recovery firms, vehicle-restoring businesses, car rental services, valet-parking services, car-valeting companies, etc. This special type of insurance is crucial, as it protects the related businesses financially by covering their car accidents along with other mishaps.

It’s obvious that in order to get the right motor trade insurance, it’s reasonable to learn the current service market and consider the most reliable motor trade insurance providers along with the conditions of policies they render, choosing the best value for money. One of these providers is Unicom Insurance, which supplies the most flexible and favorable conditions of cooperation for their clients, and so, offers the most advantageous policies at the best possible price. It means that if you’re running a garage, the garage insurance, issued by Unicom Insurance, permits any member of your working staff, including starting mechanics, to drive any of your customer’s autos, as this motor trade insurance covers all the accidental damages or other problems, which can be caused by the staff working in your garage.

The fact is that every motor trade policy is normally tailored in accordance to the business needs, taking into account the most likely risk factors plus the activities, which are required to be insured. Such a foresight allows the insured companies preventing the unprotected cases that can make them covering the trivial risks. So, the motor trade insurance package should come with every layer of the required protection.

About Unicom Insurance:

Unicom Insurance is the reputable motor trade insurance provider in the UK, which is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, operating in this domain over 20 years. The main thing that distinguishes this provider of protection policies is the exceptional commitment to clients. Visiting, it’s easy to get 30 Second Motor Trade Quote, while filling out the online form and receiving 10% online discount.



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