Top 5 Web Development Trends For 2017

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Dilate Digital are experts at web development in Perth and are here to share the top web development trends for 2017.

The internet is always evolving with new trends and technologies coming on board regularly and the world of web development is no different. What was a cutting-edge website a few years ago could be looking a little lame these days. For this reason, it’s important that your keep an eye on web development trends to see if your business website needs updating so you can continue to keep up with online competition.

Dilate Digital are experts at web development in Perth and are here to share the top web development trends for 2017.

1.      Advanced chat bots

There was a time where the little chat bots that popped up at the bottom of a website were more funny than they were helpful. However, technology is catching up and there will be more of a focus on human sounding chat bots who are actually helpful when customers ask questions. The new generation of chat bots will be able to answer questions and solve problems quickly and easily to avoid unnecessary customer frustration.

2.      Lazy loading

The speed that your website takes to load is really important. Not only does Google hate slow websites, customers hate it too and will quickly go elsewhere if they have to wait around. That’s where the trend of lazy loading comes in. Lazy loading means that only certain elements of a website, that is the most necessary, are loaded to allow for quicker speeds for users. This is particularly useful for users who have slow internet connections.

3.      Videos and animation

With the technology of web development becoming more advanced, websites will start using videos and animation more and more rather than just relying on images. These new technologies tend to be more engaging and are becoming easier to incorporate into websites. However, if you’re keen on adopting this trend, you need to make sure it won’t impact too significant on the speed of your website.

4.      Artificial intelligence

Ok, so this might not be something you can incorporate into your business website right away but artificial intelligence (AI) technology is already being adopted by some of the bigger companies such as Google and Facebook.  A basic example of AI which is already being used is the facial recognition software on Facebook. With the speed that web development technology catches on, it might not be long before AI is used in new and different ways across various websites. 

At Dilate Digital, we have a team of savvy web developers in Perth at our disposal to create an optimal online experience for your customers. We’re on top of all the latest trends and technology to create an easy to update, mobile friendly website for your business. Every client is unique and we make sure this is reflected in your web development.

If you’re looking for a Perth web development company, give Dilate Digital a call today on 1300 345 282.

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