Shim Clinic Offering Cost-Effective HIV PEP Treatment in Singapore

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Shim Clinic is providing affordable human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment to patients who need to reduce the risk of HIV infection after exposure.

Shim Clinic is a general practice clinic in Singapore. The clinic offers diagnostic and treatment support for several diseases and medical problems, ranging from syphilis to hepatitis B. Shim Clinic also provides support to patients facing the risk of HIV and suffering from other sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic maintains a private, confidential setting where the patients with STD or HIV can get suitable consultation and treatment without any hesitation. Shim Clinic has multilingual, expert medical doctors to support and treat their patients.
In the latest interview, one of the managers at Shim Clinic informed, “We specialize in providing testing, diagnostic and treatment help for HIV. The HIV infections occur after unprotected sex, like a condom break, slip or no condom use. We offer private consultation to patients with sexually transmitted diseases and related to men’s sexual health. People can just walk in and get the HIV tests done at our clinic. They do not need any prior appointment. The tests conducted by our experienced doctors produce accurate results.”
Shim Clinic provides suitable treatment if the HIV tests of individuals turn out to be positive. The doctors at the clinic also guide individuals who want to learn about sexual risks and what they can do before and after exposure. While females can get consultation on issues related to contraception, abortion and emergency contraception, men can also get expert guidance on various sexual problems and precautions they should take. The doctors also offer knowledge on the various STD and HIV tests available to them before and after certain periods of exposure.
The manager further said, “We have different HIV tests to detect symptoms that may or may not be present. However, the infection may even exist in cases where there are no symptoms. A proper test is the only way to detect them. Some of the STD and HIV symptoms include fever, fatigue, malaise, joint pain, headache, rash, appetite loss, nausea, muscle pain, stiff neck, vomiting, genital sores, gum infection, and swollen lymph nodes. We perform full and comprehensive STD testing to screen a sexually transmitted infection after unprotected sex.”
Shim Clinic offers HIV PEP in Singapore for reducing the risk of HIV infection in patients. The Post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP treatment is started within 72 hours of exposure. The treatment involves anti-HIV medications started as soon as possible after the individual may have been exposed to HIV, to try to reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive. These medications keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through the individual’s body. The risk of HIV can be reduced by more than 90 percent upon successful completion of treatment.
About Shim Clinic:
Shim Clinic, based in Singapore, offers treatment for a variety of diseases and medical issues. The clinic not only provides treatment support but also makes the diagnosis of diseases through advanced testing equipment and techniques. Shim Clinic also specializes in testing and treating STD and HIV at affordable rates so patients do not need to worry about the HIV PEP cost . The clinic also conducts 4th generation ELISA test to accurately detect HIV infection, as well as offers aesthetic treatments and consultation of other medical issues.

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