Sensomatic Upgrades Its Lineup with Some New Products

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Sensomatic adds to its existing range of products some new and advanced models that are likely to make industrial operations easier and faster.

Sensomatic adds to its existing range of products some new and advanced models that are likely to make industrial operations easier and faster.

Maharashtra, India, 10th Aug, 2017:

High-capacity transducers have applications across a wide spectrum of industries. They are used in Harsh environmental conditions & subjected to operate under Elevated temperature range.  For most applications, accuracy is one of the key requirements of the clients.

When factors like tons of weights, inhospitable environments and indisputable accuracy are put together in one context, it doesn’t bode very well for the machinery in question. This is the challenge that load cell manufacturers like Sensomatic are so effectively handling through years of hard work and innovation. The Maharashtra-based transducer manufacturing giant has recently updated its catalogue to introduce some cutting-edge entries to its existing inventory.

As it is, Sensomatic owns a massive armory of load cells that have facilitated operations across horizontals. Its inventory includes many configuration of load cells including Double Ended Load cell, High Fatigue rated Universal Load cell, Stainless Steel load cell and the likes. The company currently cater to clients coming from industries like Steel, Oil& Gas, Marine, Defences, paper and textile, aviation and such sectors. To serve these clients, an extensive inventory of state-of-art products that serve their purposes are designed & manufactured.

In the new list, Sensomatic has some special load sensors that are fresh additions to the existing lot. In addition to that, the company has also introduced some new mounting assembly tools. Silo weigh module and rope tension measurement are the two of the newest additions in the list. Both are easy to install and even easier to calibrate with the machines. The rope tension measurement tool is designed for up to 6 ropes. That makes it highly versatile for different applications in Elevators & Cranes.

As for the silo weigh module, this one is a self-aligning one. Its point load mechanism and lift off protection makes it twice more useful and durable than others. The system is integrated with a mechanical overload stopper that prevents serious damages often caused by overloading. The design of the system is quite low profile, and therefore requires no brainstorming by the operators to figure it out completely. Again, like all Sensomatic apparatuses, this one too is easy to install. In addition, the item is highly stable, and that makes loading heavy weights quite easy and safe.

To check out the entire catalogue of Sensomatic, visit:

About The Company: Sensomatic is dedicated to manufacture and exportation of quality transducers with a wide range of high precision load cells being available for use in the Industrial sectors of India and beyond. The superior quality along with simple installation features and cost-effective pricing has made the company shoot to the very top within a short time of 13 years.


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