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Website marketplace has become a hub for scammers

Considered by some as the world's biggest marketplace for buying and selling websites, has traded more than $140 million in websites, domains, and mobile apps. But recently, there has been hundreds of consumers coming out to announce that they have been scammed on the marketplace.

These consumers go on hoping to purchase a legitimate and functional website, but have bumped into scam sellers who deliver non-functional website with no after sale support. What is taking place on the platform has become a large scale scam for online website purchasers.

When you purchase a website or app you need some technical support to transfer the site from one host to another. doesn’t not provide these, even with their expensive transaction fees for every sale that is made through the marketplace. This starts off a chaotic process where the buyer and seller are left up in the air not knowing how to complete the transfer and follow through on the transaction.

What is more alarming is there are thousands of scam sellers on the marketplace that actually provide an exact copy of another website known as a clone, leaving the buyer with a script that can’t get indexed on Google and cannot be successful. What used to be a marketplace where you could search for established sites has turned into a messy place to find knock off scripts and themes that are outdated and being sold to newbie buyers.

What happens when you purchase a copycat theme is you get blacklisted on search engines and removed from the search results. Your site is literally nowhere to be found on the web and the seller that sold you the website on has your money and no way to get it back. Beware of the scams that are taking place and be weary of using There are more legitimate places to find real established online businesses to purchase such as website brokers that handle the transaction from beginning to end including

Some signs to look out for when catching a scam seller, is selling short auctions with low prices that make it seem too good to be true and lack of customer support. unfortunately doesn’t care that this is taking place or takes no action to prevent it. Their business management focuses on their transaction revenue. The more transactions that are taking place the more money they are making with their business model so in actuality without knowing they promote the scammers in order to increase their bottom line.  Beware of and their marketplace that has turned into a place to easily get ripped off and left with a script that won’t work.

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