Rejuvenate Your Skin with Dr. Steven Warnock's Collagen Injections

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Dr. Steven Warnock’s clinic offers collagen injections to treat the various signs of aging and to restore the youthful look of skin.

[DRAPER, 2/13/2018]—In order to have smoother, more youthful-looking skin, the clinic of Dr. Steven Warnock offers collagen injections to their patients.


As people age, their skin starts to lose volume, which, in turn, results in sagging, wrinkles and lines. While there are surgical procedures available, a safer alternative would be collagen injections.


What are Collagen Injections?


Collagen is a protein that is vital to your skin’s rejuvenation process. Because collagen naturally occurs in skin, collagen injections can provide better, longer lasting results than dermal fillers that use synthetic chemicals.


Using a hypodermic needle, doctors inject the collagen directly underneath the surface of the skin. Although some discomfort is expected, particularly in sensitive areas such as the T-zone of the face, the pain is usually no more than that associated with a typical injection. As soon as the collagen is inside the skin, it immediately starts working to plump skin, smoothen wrinkles, and restore elasticity.


Depending on the individual, the beneficial results of collagen injections can be visible from six months to up to two years.


Who can Get Collagen Injections?


It is important to note that patients, particularly people with allergies, will require testing before any treatment of collagen is administered. Collagen injections are typically used to treat several signs of aging. However, certain wrinkles and facial lines — for example, particularly deep ones — may not respond to the collagen.


The clinic of Dr. Steven Warnock discusses these things with patients to set their cosmetic expectations and to determine which treatment option will be best-suited to their needs. Dr. Warnock and his team evaluate their patients’ medical history to determine the right type of treatment for their situation, and to assess whether collagen injections will be beneficial to the patient.


About Dr. Steven Warnock


Dr. Steven Warnock is one of Draper, Utah’s top board-certified plastic surgeons. He specializes in the full spectrum of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, as well as pediatric craniofacial and cleft surgery. To know more about the services of his clinic, or to schedule a consultation, visit their website at

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