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ReferLinks Online Marketing is pleased to announce the company has repositioned itself to specialize in web development and SEO consulting.

ReferLinks Online Marketing is pleased to announce the company has repositioned itself to specialize in web development and SEO consulting. The company is now focusing on building high-quality websites so they are more visible on the most popular search engines.

While ReferLinks used to offer clients services like researching social media strategies to analyze engagement, the company has decided to focus on what the team does best, which is on-page SEO, blogs, social media and link building. Each service offered plays a pivotal role in link building to increase a website’s traffic so they rank higher on the major search engines. More importantly, the company wants to make every client’s site highly visible on Google.

The company focuses on analyzing client growth on the major search engines since the experienced, passionate team strives to see local and small businesses be dominant online in their area of expertise or industry. By expanding local companies’ reach online, ReferLinks wants to give back in a way that benefits the entire community.

With more than 15 years of helping businesses thrive in their industry, the family-run company believes in their services so much they implement them for their own growth.

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at ReferLinks Online Marketing or call 1-416-218-2015.

About ReferLinks Online Marketing: ReferLinks Online Marketing is a family-run company that offers web development, blogs, link building and more to make websites more visible on major search engines to increase traffic and help companies be more successful. The repositioned company’s mission is to build amazing websites and implement their top-quality services to make clients more visible online. With its new focus, the company can better serve its clients. Believing in full transparency, the company only recommends services that are beneficial to a client and nothing more.

Company: ReferLinks Online Marketing
Address: 5000 Yonge St., Suite 1901
City: Toronto      
Province: ON
Zip code: M2N 7E9
Telephone number: 1-416-218-2015

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