Radar Sports, LLC Tracks High-Velocity Throws with its Sports Speed Measuring Equipment

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Radar Sports, LLC is a leading authority in speed tracking management. Customers trust the online store for accurate and reliable velocity measuring equipment.

[OCEANSIDE, 01/17/2018] – Radar Sports, LLC is a one-stop shop for radar sports guns and velocity measuring equipment. As faster ball throws and higher speeds dominate sports, the company addresses the need for accurate measurements with its range of products.


A New Benchmark


In the modern baseball game, throwing a respectable fastball is a display of skill. As a result, young pitchers across the country are training hard to improve their fastball technique. Data from FanGraphs shows that the average fastball in 2002 was 89 MPH, but the demand for high-velocity throws in recent years has pushed it up to 92.8 MPH. In fact, Tom House, founder of the National Pitching Association, says that fastballs at 100 MPH are the new benchmark.


Tracking Movements in Detail


Officials from major team leagues are putting up velocity schools where pitchers can learn how to throw harder to address the rising need for velocity. Players work in screened-in bullpens, while others throw balls at close range at padded walls. The schools use high-speed cameras to capture biomechanical data and track every movement in detail.


There, students can learn more about the sport and determine their maximum velocity. Every pitcher has a comprehensive, individualized program tailored to their needs.


An Authority in Speed Measuring Equipment


Radar Sports, LLC is making it easier for players and trainers to track fastball speeds with its various velocity measuring equipment. Radar guns are a simple, quick, and accurate way to give feedback and compare the results. Its speed radars are also ideal for coaching and training because they fit every speed measurement need.


Since every product comes with a first-quality “Made in the USA” guarantee, Radar Sports, LLC’s radar guns are handy in various applications, from velocity feedback to developing new pitching strategies.


About Radar Sports, LLC


Radar Sports, LLC is an online store that provides top-quality radar guns and equipment made in the USA. The products it offers include golf training equipment, inflatables, sports radar guns, police radar guns, speed pitch cages, special application radars, and more.


For more information, visit https://www.radargunsales.com.

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