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It has come to our attention that Ms Smale has sold a story to the press with regards to the reason she has decided to give up her crown.

Good afternoon,


It has come to our attention that Ms Smale has sold a story to the press with regards to the reason she has decided to give up her crown.  


This is however what really happened:


Ms Smale claims that a feedback was passed on to the UK organisers from the international directors in which she was told ‘to go on a diet to lose as much weight as possible before the international finals as she was too fat’. This statement is false and such a statement was never passed on to Ms Smale.  


After the Miss United Continents UK finals   which took place on the 10th of June 2017 in Nottingham I received an email from the International directors, asking to send pictures of our 2017 winner. I then explained that no official photoshoot has taken place yet as of yet but I will be more happy to share with them pictures from the UK finals. I then forwarded to them a couple of pictures of Zoiey from the Finals. I then had an email saying that ‘ Zoiey  has a beautiful face  and a good height for a beauty queen. A recommendation was  then given if she wanted to follow a diet plan to the best of her ability for the international finals. We don’t want to be misunderstood as this is a gentle recommendation and not compulsory and you can discuss this with your delegate’. The said. At that point they did not make any reference to her dress size neither did they mentioned tis or asked anything about since, as this was purely an advise and not an expectation


I rang Zoiey the following day and after having a quick  chat about  how she was getting on etc I then told her. 'We need to arrange a photoshoot so we can get official pictures to the international directors so they can start promoting you on the website and social media with all the other delegates from around the world. I did send them a couple of pictures of you however from the finals in June in which I had a feedback. I then told Zoiey was it has been said. ' In which she responded, ‘So they think I’m fat? I’m not okay with that to be honest and I’m not happy that that feedback was given’. I then went on to explain that nobody said she was fat and this was just a recommendation and doesn’t rule out of the contest. I then said to her this no discussion for over the phone and I rather meet her to discuss the situation.   

A couple of  days later Zoiey messaged me saying that she still upset about the feedback and she was also bullied by the other contestant from the UK finals. I then felt terrible for her. I asked Zoiey to tell me who bullied her and in which way and told her perhaps not the best time to discuss feedback neither, as she is going through a hard time ‘as she claims’.  


I have since tried to arrange to meet up or Skype with Zoiey in which she cancelled or was unavailable to attend due to an operation she was going through  or one or another. I messaged her saying that it is important to meet up not only to discuss wardrobe requirements and photoshoot for the world finals but also so I can get to know her. I haven’t had any proper contact with her since the UK finals. Zoeiy then told me that she was going to New Zealand for 3 weeks and will get some

pictures done over there. She then told me that her national costume was almost ready and is looking really good. Up to that point no mention of her not wanting to represent UK any longer at the UK finals.  Whilst in New Zeland, I sent a couple of forms for her to fill in for the international contest. An entry form and measurements form. Zoiey filled the entry form but not the measurements form. She then sent me pictures where it looked cropped and photo shopped so the international directs were unable to used them on the website as they were not of high quality. I sent Zoiey an email as an urgent request to call me asap stating that I need to arrange a meeting with her as the international finals are approaching and I want to make sure everything is in place i.e. outfits requited etc before the flight to Ecuador is booked.  A week after, which is now a couple weeks today Zoiey contacted me and stated that she didn’t want to go to the international finals any more. She said she was happy to give up her crown as she doesn’t want to represent Miss United Continents based on the feedback.  I was like okay that’s fine, if that what you wanted.


Ms Smale has decided to tell me at the very last minute, not leaving much time for the runner up to get ready and able to go to the world finals instead.   

The next I heard was the article from Mail Online all over the net. I thought it was a joke at first.  Then to my surprise her false allegations were spread everywhere.  

Two things I was very upset about.


1) Ms Smale changing the words used to make it sound terrible so her story can sound more interesting ( sells more I guess) This is a hot topic, so a lot of people will back her up and they are perhaps youngsters out there who have been  genuine told  to lose weight by modeling agencies to fit in into their brand. Ms Smale used this opportunity saying  that she wanted to raise awareness, when in fact  all she was doing was to raise her own no existent public profile, getting her 15 minutes of fame.  The pictures used on the article were from a few years old and not recent. Ms Smale did lose weight since the finals in June which contradicts what she said she stood for. (I am happy to provide pictures and you will notice the difference)

2) She still has the crown- Ms Smale since her false allegations, (claiming that she has given up her crown) hasn’t return the crown nor being in contact with us.  

Since then I have to come to realize that Ms Smale did not only fool the public  but also fooled the organisers by giving false entry information about herself prior to enter the contest.


Previous contestants told me about Ms Smale being in conflict in the past with Miss England Organisers  by cheating the system and voting more than thousand times for herself to get into the top 15 of the contest.  (this was previously published in the Mirror newspaper and Oxford Mail ).  

I could go on forever but I seriously don’t want to wasted any more second on this individual, she already had plenty of non deserved publicity. Please check our facebook page Miss United Continents Uk for our official statement.


Our last year's winner ( Miss United Continents UK 2016) was a curvy  and beautiful size 10-12 lady!


We wish Ms Smale  best of luck in life but we  just have one request . PLEASE  ASK HER TO RETURN THE CROWN BACK! SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T DESERVE IT!


Many Thanks


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