Our Surgeon Continually Developing New Science and Technology in Hair Regrowth Field

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Hair restoration is a vast field for the researchers and surgeons to study. Many of the surgeons like Dr. Kinnar Kapadia are doing a great work to make sure that most of the patients get successful results only after the hair restoration procedures.

 Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is a true researcher since they always like to add something new to the hair transplant procedure to make them more advanced and free of any errors. Because of this attitude, he is considered as one of the best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Ahmedabad.

Hair transplant procedures

This is a clear fact that hair transplant surgery is the best solution for hair loss or baldness and it is performed using two main techniques. These two well-known techniques are Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction. Among both of the procedures, FUE is considered as a more advanced procedure due to some features it has in comparison of FUT or strip technique.

What is the difference?

Both of the procedures work on a similar principle in which hairs are removed from the donor area and then transplanted to the recipient areas. However, the methods of removing hairs are not similar and this is the basic difference between the two procedures. While applying FUT, the surgeon removes a strip of tissue to harvest the hair grafts and then, the hair grafts are transplanted to the bald areas. This surgery can cover a larger area but this is known to make a linear scar on the donor areas. The wounds take some time to heal. In FUE, the hair grafts are removed from the donor areas one by one directly and transplanted to the bald sites. The grafts are removed with the help of a tiny needle that makes almost invisible tiny wounds on the donor scalp. FUE is considered as an awesome procedure but it is said to be effective for smaller areas. Moreover, as the hair grafts are taken one by one, the surgery needs longer sessions to be executed. It needs more time and expertise but the recovery time of the surgery is not so long. Above all, this surgery does not leave any scar mark on the donor area and is famous for providing ultimately natural results.

Nothing is perfect

As it is observed that both of the procedures work excellently but none of them is perfect. wise surgeons have to decide the candidacy for FUT or FUE after a deep analysis of the patient’s hair and scalp. Due to the ability to provide natural results and not leaving any scar marks, the patients wish to have FUE but it is not possible in all the cases. If they are not perfect candidates, they have to be satisfied with FUT.

Adding something new

Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is working for adding some new features to both of the procedures and in this process, he wishes to invent a procedure that is a combination of both of the procedures. as we observe, both of the procedure has some advantage and drawbacks. What if we have a combined procedure that has only advantages and not a single drawback. it is such a revolutionary thinking. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is working on new technology to bring a procedure that does not leave any scar marks and can heal a larger area. Additionally, the procedure must provide completely natural results to the patients at a reasonable cost. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is imaginative Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad. Therefore, we hope to get an ideal treatment in near future.

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