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Social Media is an umbrella term that encompasses the technologies and the activities that people use to share experiences, ideas and information with each other. The term is still evolving.

Social Networking - A Brief Overview


When and How Did it Start?

Early social networking sites began in the shape of generalized online communities like Geocities and Tripod (1995). These ancient communities concentrated on consumers interacting with one another via chat rooms, and sharing information and thoughts around any issues via private homepage publishing tools that was a precursor to the modern day site.

Among the earliest social networking Web sites that began what could become the most frequent format of this Social Network started in 1997, which was With this particular site user profiles may be generated, messages delivered to customers held onto a "friends list" along with other members might be hunted out that had similar interests to yours within their profiles.

Why Did It Start?

Social Networks were made by people who wished to form an internet community which shared interests and/or actions and were searching for a way to share this interest with other people at large. Most social media providers are web-based and supply a number of ways for consumers to interact, for example email and IM services. Generally, social media permits the person to make a profile for themselves in the shape of a personal webpage, and may be divided up into two groups: external and internal social media websites. A Internal Networking Site is one that's closed-circuit including just those of a specific office, educational institution or business, permitting users to connect and share data for a very particular function. An External Networking Site is one that's open to the general public at large and enables users to post and join with a huge audience on many different subjects.

Who Started It?

Although Six Degrees would come to be referred to as the very first major stream social networking website, it had been mostly before its time. It had been early in the century when the significant players of this Social Networking scene started to surface. 2004 saw the launch of Friendster, followed quickly by MySpace and Bebo. By early 2005 MySpace had already established itself as the powerhouse of this Social Networking area and has been allegedly receiving more hits daily than Google. 2006 watched the then virtually unknown website Facebook open itself into the people at large. Up to this time Facebook was a restricted community only accessible to US College Students. Using its already core foundation of loyal users along with also the capability for user-generated add content it quickly became the fastest growing website on earth. Based on comScore Media Metrix, the best three social networking sites MySpace, Facebook and Bebo had logged a total of 184.4 million people from June 2007 alone. Additionally in 2007 the internet world watched the development of Twitter, the website that enabled users to "tweet" brief updates regarding themselves giving all of their "followers" a real time look at their own world and immediately became a popular for cellular online users. With this capability trio of websites, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, social media went out of a passing tendency to some mainstream staple.

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What's the Media Saying?

According to a post written by CNN reporter Lisa Respers France "In an era when even the president of the United States has a Facebook page and spectators texted and tweeted about Inauguration Day, the power of online and digital social networking is clear." For the vast majority of media outlets, the happenings of social media is touted as enabling the entire world to become a part of the exact same conversation.


The upside for those users of the many social networking sites is rather straight-forward. It permits them to join, find, rediscover and otherwise enjoy topics and friends regardless of geographic location. It appears that online there's a place for everybody. Businesses especially can put on a blessing from the social media revolution. They can reach out to a far bigger audience through the development of habit social media sites and this lets them remain at the top or present trends and events and enables them to better understand their clients and tailor their strategies accordingly.


Although it's a good method to get in touch with the internet world, social media also has its down side. The access to data makes identity theft a threat, in addition to unscrupulous users which leverage the websites to spread viruses and malware. For those wanting to prevent those pitfalls by averting the websites completely, also run the danger of falling behind incidents within their social circle and seeming ineffective or stand-offish. For corporations the best harm that a social media can perform would be to it's standing. 1 bad experience by a client or customer might spread like wildfire throughout the networks departing the company scrambling to do damage control that carries with it both societal and financial penalties.


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