Mr. Putty’s Fun Park Offers Eight Unique, Fun Attractions for All Ages

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Primarily known for its 18-hole championship miniature golf course, Mr. Putty’s Fun Park in Tega Cay, South Carolina features eight unique, fun attractions for all ages, as well. These include a zip line, ropes course, and bungee bouncing.

[TEGA CAY, 03/13/2018] – Located in Tega Cay, South Carolina, Mr. Putty’s Fun Park is popular for its 18-hole championship miniature golf course. But, the park features eight unique, fun attractions for all ages, as well.

Aerial Ropes Course & Zip Line

The Aerial Ropes Course gives everyone a chance to work through six challenging obstacles suspended between towering poles. The participants wear a properly fitted harness as they navigate the course on their own. Upon completing the course, participants are rewarded with a breathtaking 200-feet zipline ride across the entire fun park.

Timber Climb

Timber Climb is rock climbing on high timber poles. Participants are free to choose between three challenging heights: 35 feet, 45 feet, or a towering 55 feet. A single ticket grants a participant two tries or chances to climb and reach the top of his or her chosen pole.

Ultimate Bungee Bouncing

Mr. Putty’s Fun Park’s Ultimate Bungee Bouncing combines the fun of bouncing on a trampoline with the thrill of bungee jumping. For only six dollars, kids and adults alike can enjoy this attraction for a maximum of six minutes.


The design of Space-ball follows the principle of the Human Gyroscope, a device used by NASA astronauts to simulate weightlessness in space. This ride can accommodate two people at once — and unleash anyone’s inner astronaut.

Meltdown WipeOut

Similar to one of the obstacles seen in the US game show Wipeout, Meltdown WipeOut is a mechanical, inflatable attraction that challenges one to eight players to duck, dodge, and jump to avoid getting hit by two puffy swinging boom arms.

Balloon Blaster

Balloon Blaster is a two or four-player game that tests the participants’ pumping skills. Players must pump air into water-filled balloons of their opponents, and whoever pumps the fastest wins while the losers get soaked with water.


This attraction is just like a regular game of one-on-one or two-on-two basketball except for the part where the losers get showered in water.

Hands of Wax

The park has a stall where there are hands of wax machines that capture one’s hand in any position to create an amazing keepsake.

Mr. Putty’s Fun Park offers individual tickets for each of these attractions, but all-access full park passes are available, too. Visitors may also buy discounted ride tokens and combo passes that pair rides with mini golf.

About Mr. Putty’s Fun Park

Mr. Putty’s Fun Park was born out of the owner’s dream of providing family and budget-friendly entertainment to residents in Tega Cay, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and the greater Charlotte Area. It is popular for its 18-hole ADA-compliant mini golf, as well as rides that let guests jump, flip, shoot hoops, and more.

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