Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law Helps Clients Navigate a Forbidding Adoption Process

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Adoption in the US is declining because of complex and difficult processes. Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law provides personalized legal assistance in adoption cases.

[PROVO, 04/13/2018] – Adoption in the US, especially international adoption, is seeing a steady decline because of its complex and overwhelming processes. Couples who are keen on adopting can turn to Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law, a reputable adoption attorney based in Utah. His firm helps hopeful parents navigate the daunting system in the US.


Adoption More Forbidding


Adoption rates in the US have been seeing a steady decline in recent years. From 23,000 in 2004, international adoptions in the country plummeted to a projected 4,200 in 2018. In fact, according to the State Department, only 5,400 children were adopted in 2016.


This was a massive 80% drop that experts suspect stemmed from a difficult adoption process. Moreover, Save the Children, UNICEF, and many other international charities consider international adoptions a last resort, prioritizing relatives and local adoptive parents. CEO Nathan Gwilliam says if the trend continues, international adoptions could cease completely within four years.


Helping Navigate Adoption Processes


Looking into adoption to welcome a new member of the family isn’t a decision to make lightly, especially as adoption processes grow to be more forbidding.


Hopeful parents who wish to gain legal guardianship of a child who isn’t theirs biologically may turn to Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law. He is a compassionate adoption lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of regulations surrounding adoption. He helps clients understand the complexities of an adoption case while considering the best interests of the child. He provides legal guidance and advice to clients looking to decide whether a stepparent, international adoption, or foster care adoption is their most viable choice.


About Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law


The Law Office of Matthew Jube is trusted by clients from Provo and other areas of Utah for the keen, personalized attention the firm provides every case. Matthew P Jube - Attorney at Law, has valuable experience in a wide range of practice areas, but his focus lies in personal injuries, criminal defense, and adoptions.


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