Marketing has a newapproach–says leading business communication expert

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Marketing has always been about reaching your target audience and encouraging them to buy your products/services.

Marketing has always been about reaching your target audience and encouraging them to buy your products/services. But theestablished marketing techniques have become easy for consumers to distinguish between an honest approach and cynical selling methods.

Despite your good intentions, your marketing approach might come across as a desperate attempt to sell simply to rake in more profits.

However, current marketing methods that appear to be insincere can be changed to a system where honest customer-centric businesses can be approachable to customers.

This can be achieved through business communications that provide value to the customer, suggests Tim Entwisle, experienced communication consultant and Managing Director of Madrigal Communications.

“Honest and clear communication that have a real relevancy to the customer play a huge role in building strong relations with customers and business prospects”, Tim says. Your prospects need to know the values that make up your brand, so that they can establish a connection—which is good for your business.

While many realise that communication is important to their business growth, few know the right way of connecting with their customers. The crux of the matter is that it is not always what you say that is important but just that you are saying something authentic and relevant to your customers.

While stressing the significance of clear communication, Tim Entwisle also shed some light on how to succeed in communications so that you maximise your chance of conversion. According to Tim a customer is more likely to use your products or services if they feel comfortable and trust your brand's image.

“Engaged  customers are the most likely to become the loyal ones.” Tim concludes.

If you are too busy to manage your business communication operations, you can always seek help from a communication consultant to make sure your marketing content is targeted and more likely to convert. Remember, quality communications can make your customers go from yawn to attentiveness.

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