LED Equipped Provides High-Powered LED Light Bars for Off-Roader Vehicles

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LED Equipped’s line of off-road light bars provides maximum illumination for longer periods of time.

[MINEOLA, 01/10/2018] -- Off-roaders can now traverse trails at night with greater safely with LED Equipped’s latest line of high-powered LED light bars.


These light bars are designed to illuminate large areas in front of a vehicle without overheating or consuming too much power, and their tough exterior provides protection from the elements and the general beating that an off-road vehicle typically takes.


Light Bar Features


Because the bar uses super white Cree LED, it’s able to produce massive amounts of light at a fraction of the energy requirements of traditional bulbs. Moreover, LED lights produce much less heat, meaning that the LED Equipped LED Light Bar can be used for longer periods without the risk of overheating or exploding bulbs.


Each light bar consists of multiple rows of LED, strategically placed to fully optimize every lumen that is produced by the LED. Rubberized pads under each bracket allow users to direct the light in the direction they need.


These light bars were designed for off-road use and can withstand large amounts of shock and vibration. LED Equipped off-road light bars are housed in special plastics and aluminum alloy, making them weatherproof. The tough housing of these light bars means that they can last for years.


Each light bar is outfitted for quick and easy mounting on most vehicles, keeping the light bar steady.


About LED Equipped


LED Equipped specializes in the distribution of LED powered lights for police, fire, and other emergency services, along with lights for construction projects and off-road use. LED Equipped also has an extensive line of products for emergency service vehicles.


Every product that LED Equipped carries comes with a 3-year warranty. To see a list of their extensive catalog, visit their website at https://www.ledequipped.com, or call then at +1 800-846-3940.

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