LADR Negotiates Fair Agreements in Class Action Lawsuits

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Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. helps negotiate fair agreements even in complex class action lawsuits. They bring almost 30 years of experience to the table and an expert understanding of employment law.

[Littleton, 07/11/2017] - Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc., uses decades of experience in navigating the most complex employment laws to reach a fair settlement in class action lawsuits.

Settlements that are Fair to Everyone

In a class action litigation, there are usually multiple lawyers working with plaintiffs with varying claims and damages. In reaching a fair settlement for this kind of case, it helps to onboard a mediator from the company.

Katy Miller, the company’s founder, exclusively handles class action lawsuits. She has almost three decades of experience working on employment law. Her valuable experience enables her to fully grasp the issues at hand and engage all the persons involved in the negotiation. She also possesses the tenacity to reach a resolution, even as the mediation stretches for months.

Attorney Miller works with many repeat clients, including the EEOC. She understands the conditions surrounding a fairness hearing and assists the parties in negotiating a fair agreement that the court will approve.

Fair Mediation of Any Dispute

Apart from class action litigation, the company handles mediation in many types of dispute across various sectors such as personal injury, discrimination, probate and elder law, family and domestic relations, and more. As a neutral, objective third party, they use their knowledge and experience to help parties reach a solution as an alternative to litigation.

Mediations usually take place in the comfort and privacy of Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc.’s offices in downtown Littleton. The parties may also arrange for the meeting to take place at any neutral location to which they both agree.

About Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc.

Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. is composed of some of the most knowledgeable lawyers in Colorado. On top of litigation, they offer creative or alternative dispute resolution services. They practice labor and employment arbitration and workplace facilitation, as well as mediation of any dispute including general and employee and family law, among other areas.

To learn more about how they can help you and another party arrive at an amicable resolution, visit

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