Kitesurf Cayman: Offering the Best Kite Surfing Lessons to Individuals

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Kitesurf Cayman is the leading kiteboarding school that you must visit if you want to learn kitesurfing. They can inform you about the best kitesurf destination as well.

Are you in search of a best kitesurf school? If yes, then you should definitely pay a visit to Kitesurf Cayman today. Kitesurf Cayman is one of the best kite schools that deliver kite surfing lessons and kite surfing rentals to individuals. It is just 10-15 minutes from the very famous Seven Mile beach and is visited by many kite surfing enthusiasts. Kitesurf Cayman was founded by Jhon Mora and Walter Fajette, both of whom love kite surfing. Kitesurf Cayman is now in its 8th season and has become one of the top and the best places to learn kite surfing in the world.

Since its inception, the founders have been proud about the growth of their very own kite community. Their priority is to make every individual learn kite surfing in a safe environment and also introduce people to this unique sport of kiting. Undoubtedly, the Cayman Island is the best Kitesurf destination and no one else can make your kite surfing experience a memorable one than Kitesurf Cayman. The team takes pride in their work when they watch new kiters grow. They always use only the best equipment by Waterman Cayman Surf Co. available in the market. The instructors of this school are Nando, Javier, Edwin, and Lewis, who hold years of experience in kite surfing. They have taught thousands of students in the past 10-12 years in different countries. Also, two more instructors are going to join the team next season.

Kitesurf Cayman is open on all days of the week from 8 am to 5:30 pm. The kite season begins from 1st of November till the end or mid of July, depending upon the wind flow. All you need to know is swimming in order to take kite surf, rest you need no other special skills to learn kite surfing. The introductory lesson provided by Kitesurf Cayman is of 2 hours, wherein, the individual gets the chance to decide whether kite surfing is really made for them. The team holds more than 10 years of combined experience in training students. This is what makes Kitesurf Cayman- the longest running school for kitesurf in the Grand Cayman.

Therefore, whenever you plan to go on a Caribbean kitesurf holiday with your friends and want to learn kite surfing from the best place, then consider none other than Kitesurf Cayman for the same.

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