It’s the quality and the form of protein that matters, rather than quantity!

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Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients are a simple, broken-down version of intact and wholesome protein produced specifically for the purpose of obtaining enhanced absorption capabilities.

‘Protein-rich’ is the new buzzword resonating in the marketplace worldwide. But do we really know how ‘rich’ is the protein we are consuming? The richness or a quality of protein depends on how well it is made available to the body, after it is ingested. Most of us are only superficially acquainted with the know-how of protein quality and protein-rich diet. The protein is incorporated into food products in various forms, such as whole-protein, isolates, concentrates, and hydrolysates. Out of all these forms, protein hydrolysates are known to exhibit highest possible bioavailability, implying that they have the highest degree and rate of absorption in the circulatory system. Owing to its multi-functionality and expanding application spectrum, the market for protein hydrolysates is witnessing robust growth.

The global protein hydrolysate Ingredient market was valued at USD 2,928.65 billion in 2017, and is expected to register a CAGR of 6.1% during the forecast period of 2018-2023.

Latest Developments

Companies offering protein-based products are expanding their geographical presence, to serve the increasing demand for high-protein food products from the developing economies.

Market Insights

The multi-functionality of protein hydrolysates has increased their adoption in the end-user industries. In addition, the growing demand for high-protein products has expanded the application of protein hydrolysates. Positive applications outlook in infant, sports, and clinical nutrition are driving the protein hydrolysate ingredient demand. The high purity, bioavailability, and digestibility of protein hydrolysate, compared to other forms of protein, i.e. isolates and concentrates, are among their properties that are boosting their demand.

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The market for global protein hydrolysate ingredients is segmented by source, application, and geography.  There has been a significant demand for protein-rich premium products that are organic, allergen-free, safe, and affordable. This trend has prompted manufacturers to explore various protein sources, in order to sustainably extract hydrolysates that ease the cost of production and exhibit good blending abilities, with various nutraceutical and clinical products, in particular. 

North America is the major segment of the market. Demand, however, is stagnating in most categories, except for high-end products. On the other hand, South America and Asia-Pacific have been witnessing surging demand in all whey categories.

The global protein hydrolysates market is competitive. The most active global companies include - Arla Foods Ingredients, Fonterra Co-operative Group, Agropur Inc., Amco Protein, Royal Frieslandcampina, and Carbery Group.

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