IPC Offers Preschool Education for the World

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Top Reasons to Become IPC Affiliate

International Preschool Curriculum provides a range of products and services that are designed to make IPC ownership easy and accessible for those, who own an existing school or perhaps want to start a new one, specializing in early child education. The ownership opportunities are available for all the countries all over the world.

There’s no secret that we live in the times, when preschool education is assigned a high priority, serving as a basis for further education as well as development of different skills and even talents by children. The truth is that despite the fact that we all are different, having different capacities, childhood appears to be the most favorable time to accumulate knowledge as well as to train our brains. Namely at early age, when young brains are not yet loaded with a plethora of useless things, it’s possible to teach little ones how they can acquire those skills that will be really useful during their whole life, while developing creative thinking along with the tendency to explore this world and master the diverse disciplines on their own in their way to accomplishment and success.

Preschool education is a complicated process, when children are expected to make lots of discoveries, acquiring essential knowledge and skills. Due to the fact that preschool educations differs from country to country, because of some cultural and economic aspects, IPC presents the internationally accepted ECE curriculum that meets standards of various education systems, providing kids with the most beneficial environment, involving the best teaching practices from all over the world.

The education process, offered by IPC, is divided into three stages: Infant and Toddler Curriculum, Infant and Toddler Assessment Indicators, L1-L3 Assessment Indicators. In such a way, visiting the website of IPC, you can get familiar with the kindergarten activities and disciplines, which are specific for every certain age from 6 months to 6 years, incorporating numeracy, language arts and music, social and emotional skills, creative arts, science, motor skills and physical development. Considering this preschool curriculum, it’s easy to see that it’s created to provide kids with the full-fledged development in different directions.

About International Preschool Curriculum:

International Preschool Curriculum is a reputable educational organization, which provides a peer reviewed curriculum for teaching kids of preschool age, advanced training and vocational support for world class teachers at all the IPC schools and possibility to start your own IPC affiliate.

Company: International Preschool Curriculum (IPC)
Contact Name: Felicity Jennings
Address: 110 E. Broward Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301
Email: crm@ipc.education
Phone: 1-888-844-3911
Website: https://www.ipc.education/

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IPC Offers Preschool Education for the World

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