INEO Consulting Provides Business Intelligence Reporting to Clients

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CRM consultancy INEO Consulting offers business intelligence reporting to clients, presenting recommendations for CRM system improvement.

[ESSEX, 11/08/2017] - INEO Consulting, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consultancy, provides business intelligence reporting to recruitment agencies through data analysis, transformation and cleansing.


INEO Consulting’s Process


INEO Consulting starts the review of their clients’ data and processes through understanding their essential business data requirements. INEO Consulting then:


• Identifies data quality issues such as irregularities in customer’s contact information
• Identifies data gap and misplacement such as candidates’ key skills and competencies
• Reviews code structure of client’s CRM system
• Determines opportunities for data utilisation such as drawing valuable data

Information gathered is compiled, and a report containing findings and recommendations is submitted. The recommendations may advise clients on their business’ need for:


• data archiving
• data extraction/import
• data consolidation and centralisation
• data cleanse (amending or removing data that are incomplete, incorrect, duplicated or incorrectly formatted
• new code structure implementation
• refining drop down options


Once the clients accept the proposal and recommendations, INEO Consulting implements the changes and provides training to staff to ensure that the data is accurate and regularly updated.


INEO Consulting’s Other Services


INEO Consulting’s services revolve around reviewing, improving and evolving their clients’ systems. Under its ‘Review’ services, INEO Consulting reviews clients’ CRM systems or gives advice on which CRM is the best for them.


With INEO Consulting’s ‘Improve’ services the consultancy offers configuring, migrating and integrating their clients’ database. They also create a model workflow for clients to streamline their operations and recommend analytical tools that can improve the client’s reporting process.


With their ‘Evolve’ services, INEO Consulting offers support and maintenance, plus CRM implementation and training.


INEO Consulting’s services are not exclusive to recruitment agencies. Other companies who need help with CRM systems can seek their services. Those interested can contact them by phone on 0203 887 4636 or email them at


About INEO Consulting


INEO Consulting is a recruitment technology specialist that provides CRM software, consulting and training. Their services include CRM implementation and training, systems review and consultancy, data analysis, cleansing and transformation, workflow and reporting, and CRM support and maintenance. INEO Consulting is an expert in the use of Bullhorn and Microdec.


For more information, visit their website at

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