How To Package and Transport Artworks

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Picture this. You have spent weeks, months, possibly years creating a piece of art. You've immersed yourself in this work entirely, and have completed it. You then get an offer from a collector or a gallery hoping to buy or include the item in an exhibition. Thus, you boat off the artwork and travel to meet it around the other side. But once the box is opened up, your masterpiece is ruined.

How can this have happened? It doesn't matter, it's. Get it over. No don't get over it, grieve. Grieve for just a little while, not too long but only enough to demonstrate that you really are an artist and you really put something to the creation of that painting/sculpture/installation or whatever you need to call it.

Art is art is art. Or can it be. Art can be anything and nothing. Everything and something. This and that. Bits and bobs. Bric a brac. Shite. Junk. Rubbish. Luxury goods and pawnshop shelf-fillers.

Anyway, the moral of this story is parcel insurance. Don't leave home without it. It's a great invention. You send a bundle, and if it breaks you get your money back. You'll never find that parcel again but at least you did not miss out on the delivery costs.

For artists, dealers, and collectors, no level of reimbursement will bring back that 1 piece. Therefore, it's of equal value to ensure that the packing and transport of artworks is carefully considered.

Obviously, it's entirely contingent upon the nature, form and size of this piece. Some general rules to think about however, would be these:

Leave no room for manouevring within the casing. Any free space is space in which the thing could move around in and possibly become damaged.
Use a protective wrap or casing like bubble wrap or polystyrene to act as a buffer against the hardened surface of a wooden or metal cage or box.
If it is possible dismantle the component parts and wrap individually. This will cut the risk of damage to various vulnerable portions of the piece as they'll be wrapped securely by themselves.

Transportation of art objects is a place where you have less control. You cannot control the weather, traffic, or the caliber of the driver. All you can do is choose a respectable parcel delivery company, buy parcel insurance, and hope for the best.

Alternately, transportation could be undertaken, but should you not have the means in which to traveling long distances, or even the room to accommodate a larger item, this may not be the best idea.

So, when sending artworks, or some other item for that matter, consider the three Chief points cited here:

1. Transportation
2. Packaging
3. Parcel Insurance

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