Hotels Industry Constantly Features PTAC Units For Increased Comfort and Convenience

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As the hotel industry promotes PTAC units, there are some myths restored by experts at Arnica Heating and Air Conditioning for seamless operation.

Brooklyn, April 11th, 2018- Each and every PTAC unit while sold in the market are associated with some unproven expectations, and these myths have actually caused a lot of trouble in the formation of moisture and cold. There are multiple investigations that have been carried out in the hotels and hospitals in the past three decades and in all these investigations there are only three problems that have always come up to the fore.

However, lack of proper maintenance and regular servicing is the only reason that leads to such trouble, and hence Arnica Heating and Air Conditioning Inc has always stressed on this process. They are dedicated to providing our clients with prompt, professional and friendly service along with multiple warranties available on PTAC air conditioning repair Manhattan, offering all their customers peace of mind that their heater and air conditioner will work when they need it most.

However, there are few details which must not go ignored. And while speaking it out with one of their service and repair expert, he mentions, 'The self contained PTAC units have always been a great choice for the hotels, retirement homes, and spaces which looked in for individual heating and cooling options. They have always been opted for its affordable use and when compared with the traditional HVAC units, these PTAC units cost up to 50 percent less. But what is gained in upfront cost can be lost in repairs and energy usage if units are not maintained properly. This is exactly where the technicians stresses and hence the sooner consumers realize the value of PTAC air conditioning repair Brooklyn, the better is the facility management.'

PTAC units may have issues with indoor air quality and energy efficiency but these issues can be alleviated if the timely cleaning and regular maintenance is being carried out by the experts like Arnica Heating and Air Conditioning. Owners and building managers are widely used should consider regular maintenance using a coil cleaner detergent to prevent mold and mildew growth, and such a proven method must be practiced well.

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