Honey Powder Market to Register Substantial Expansion by 2026

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Honey powder which can be used as a sweetener, is just a powder form of liquid honey. The powder is easier to maintain and can preserve well than a liquid honey.

Honey powder which can be used as a sweetener, is just a powder form of liquid honey. The powder is easier to maintain and can preserve well than a liquid honey. The powder form of honey is preferred to be used while making cakes, pastries and other sweet edible items. It is always a better option than a sticky liquid honey and sugar free powders particularly, which credibility is still questionable. An interesting thing about honey powder is, it has long preserving life, if it stored properly. The global honey powder market is projected to show sustained growth during the 10-year period owing to several factors and trends likely to positively impact the performance of the global honey powder market.


Honey powder can be used in bath and beauty products like facial masks, scrub, soap, lotions etc. It can be sprinkled over cereal or fruit and cakes. Its antiseptic properties heals the small injuries. The most beneficial factor of honey is, it has medicinal quality. As honey powder is better in dissolving in almost any food items so it can also be used in medicines, especially cough syrups. The honey powder has low calories, therefore, it can be added in a cup of tea or a coffee or even in a green tea rather than sugar powders which are less trustworthy. It is completely organic and natural, hence better than artificial sweeteners. Honey powder is slightly cheaper than its liquid form, which can be easily available in a bag in almost all grocery shops.


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The organic lifestyle is a fast growing trend. The consumers prefer easy, healthy and environment friendly organic food and natural beauty products. United States, Germany, France, Canada and United Kingdom are some of the countries which have largest market for organic foods. Even the various e-commerce companies are preferring to sell variety of gourmet products and honey powder is one of them. Consumer’s love for bakery products like cake, muffins, cookies and bread is increasing the demand of honey powder in global market. Not only this, its natural quality of smoothening the skin is also attracting the beauty product manufacturers to make more beauty products using honey powder. Although honey powder is fairly new to the American food market, it has been used in Korean kitchens since long time. It is used as sugar substitute in Korea. These are the main trends likely to be observed in the global honey powder market.


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According to various research, honey powder could potentially be used as dough improver. A new research made in China also indicated that it might be acted as sugar replacer in bread. The increasing usage of natural medicines like Ayurveda will also give a boom to honey powder market. The figure of

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