Homeowners Cautioned About Cutting Corners with Shady Contractors

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Marc Gieselmann, head of San Diego's leading home construction company HK Construction, Inc. cautions homeowners about the dangers in cutting corners with shady contractors when remodeling a home.

12, October 2017: Marc Gieselmann, head of San Diego's leading home construction company HK Construction, Inc. cautions homeowners about the dangers in cutting corners with shady contractors when remodeling a home.

For local home owners remodeling their home it is not worth trying to cut corners just to save yourself a few bucks, then having to live with the nightmare or having to rip out the remodeling job already done to just to start all over again.

"What would happen if you chose the wrong contractor based on price alone, and then the contractor ignores your design requests and it looks terrible afterwards? What if the contractor does sub quality work with contractors of questionable character and used cheap materials… and then you end up with an overpriced mess on your hands?” These are some of the questions Marc poses to San Diego homeowners who might be thought to save a few hundred dollars in home remodeling.

Marc has issued similar public service announcements concerning the problems with hiring low ball contractors. He says most contractors weed themselves out once you ask them about there Company History, Responsiveness, Tools, References and Guarantees.

"Not adequately addressing these questions can lead to misery and thousands of dollars being flushed down the drain," admonished Marc, who believes homeowners can avoid unnecessary headaches, hassles, stress, and heartbreaks by simply contacting the best San Diego contractor for home remodeling services. And he recommends reaching out to HK Construction for a free home remodeling consultation.

By meeting in person prior to signing any contracts, client and contractor can decide whether moving forward is a good fit for everyone involved. Marc claims this is always a wise starting point.

Marc shows great confidence in his service because it has been known to provide 'pure joy and elation' for their customers. "Imagine, for a moment if you will, as you step into your newly remodeled home knowing that everything is done exactly how you envisioned it. This is more than cause for celebration, and that's what you can expect when you choose HK Construction as your preferred home remodel contractor," said Marc.

HK Construction offers a wide variety of construction services that can be custom tailored to satisfy customers' specific wants and needs. Their team of contractors and construction service professionals are all carefully selected based on their proven reputation of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and their professional manner.

One of the many San Diego, CA satisfied customers who is singing praises to the HK Construction crew is Matt Zebnhouser. He recalls how he and his wife had an "absolutely terrific experience" with HK Construction:

"We decided that we wanted to add a loft to our home. We got bids from a number of companies. HK wasn't the absolute cheapest, but they were *very* affordable. And we just got a good feeling from Mark (the owner) and Chad (his site manager). We're so glad we went with them. They met all the basics – came in on budget and on time (except for a slight delay that was caused by the city). And the job was top-notch quality. Everyone we show the loft to assumes it was part of the original home – exactly the reaction we wanted," related Matt.

Homeowners wishing to avoid all the headaches, hassles, stresses, and heartbreaks of dealing with less than reputable or cheap contractors are being invited to call the best San Diego contractor for home remodeling services, HK Construction.


"We'll be the first to admit we are not the cheapest contractors in town. And since you're reading this far we know you are not looking for cheap, you’re looking for quality," said Marc, who offers a free consultation and quote on construction or home remodeling services.

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