Hixme Offers Comprehensive Employee Benefits Management and Packages to Clients

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Hixme helps with employee benefits management by providing comprehensive, individualized packages to employees, reducingcosts for companies.

[AGOURA HILLS, 3/14/2017] - As medical coverage costs continue to rise, companies are looking for alternative solutions to their employee benefits management.

To continue providing substantial benefits packages to employees, companies are turning to Hixme, an employee benefits management firm that offers customizable, comprehensive medical and insurance packages.

Reduced Employee Benefits Management Costs

Managing employee benefits packages can be a costly operation for companies. This is because employee benefits involve numerous factors: hospitalization costs, organizing payment plans, settling patient balances, and other insurance coverages. Handling these responsibilities in-house can take up a significant amount of a company’s overall budget as well as complicated administrative processes.

To go around this, companies outsource their benefits management to Hixme, a leading provider of employee benefits management services. Hixme is able to reduce the costs of employee benefits management by utilizing their unique management model, trimming unnecessary expenditure at every step of the coverage process.

Optimizing the Benefits Management Process

First, Hixme haspartnered with over 170 health insurance providers across the country to provide as many options to employees as possible. Next, Hixme applies on-demand safety net coverages, which can range from hospital related issues such as interest-free payment plans on patient balances, to non-hospital related issues like limits on copayments for physician visits and prescriptions.

Finally, Hixme provides employees with the WorkPlace Market™, an easy-to-use platform that compares multiple coverage options and costs. The platform utilizes BundleMe™,a proprietary algorithm that accurately determines each employee’s family benefits based on multiple factors.

About Hixme

Established by experts from various insurance and benefits companies, Hixme is a progressive third-party firm that manages employee benefits packages for various corporations. Their mission is to replace the obsolete, one-size-fits-all group insurance model in today’s corporate world and replace it with an individualized health benefits program that is worker-owned.

To learn more about their services, visit their website at http://www.hixme.com.

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